Psychokinesis is one of the para-psychological terms which can be defined as the ability of mind to control and move objects without any physical touch. "Psych" means "mind" and "kinesis" means "movement". So, it means movement using mind.

Telekinesis is the another term used for psychokinesis, though they both differ slightly. Telekinesis deals with the movement of objects whereas psychokinesis deals with the movement and change of objects using mind. So, it is best to say that telekinesis is a part of psychokinesis.

In our history as well as in the present days, there are many great psychokinetic persons who claim to have these powers. Though there are many who can prove their abilities, the science is still unsatisfied to believe those powers. Many scientists claim that the powers of psychokinesis can only be proved in certain conditions but it fails when experimenting it in controlled scientific conditions.

Some of the most famous persons who claimed to have these powers are

• Nina Kulagina : She is from Russia and found her abilities when she was learning other psychic powers. She is famous for moving non magnetic objects just using her mind.
• StanislawaTomczyk : She is from Poland and famous for her poltergeist activity. It was found that she can move objects as well as stop the clocks. When doctor examined, it was found that the objects were moved by thin rays emanating from her fingers.
• Uri Geller : Uri Geller was the most famous psychokinetic person for his acts like bending spoons. He demonstrated his spoon bending abilities in many TV shows and on live performance. Uri Geller has influenced minds of many people in their shows and they claim that many objects were bent in their homes after watching his shows. He could also bend many objects far away just using his mind.

These are just a few people with psychokinetic abilities but there are many who are famous in many other psychokinetic abilities.

Other type of psychokinesis phenomena which we see mostly in movies and books is pyrokinesis. Pyrokinesis is the ability to manipulate or control fire using mind. This type of ability was seen by the people in some part of Philippines and in Vietnam. In both these places, there seems to be girl who could create a fire just with her mind.

In Philippines, the girl could predict the fire wherever it happens and in Vietnam, the fire appears wherever the girl goes. These events are seems to be a fantasy, but many local people and even the authorities astonished and witnessed these powers.

Even though psychokinesis powers were done by many people, many scientists and skeptics are unable to believe. Some researchers have done many psychic experiments to prove psychokinesis is real, but still the results were not satisfactory for the skeptics, because the results were unable to show positive on continuous basis. These experiments were only able to prove that the results were above chance when compared to the the subjects guessing.

Whatever it is, the study of psychokinesis and many other parapsychology subjects are still going on and the scientists and many researchers are finding ways to prove it. Some Skeptics even challenged that if anyone could prove these powers in controlled conditions will be given a prize money.

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