Employers use pre employment testing hire individuals with the target behaviors to be top producers and to reduce employee turnover.
When your company experiences high employee turnover it costs you time and money. When you hire a person and then find out you have made the wrong choice this mistake can cost your business severely. It will cost your company approximately 10 times the annual salary for a high paying position or 1-2 times the annual salary for a low wage position if you make a bad hiring decision. Employment testing can include tests for personality traits, business values, cognitive skills, integrity and motivation. Businesses avoid hiring the wrong people by conducting employment testing. These tests will reduce employee turnover and save your company a lot of money. However, if you want to do the minimum of assessment you can order a LAB Profile it can be done in less than an hour! Read about LAB Profile.
When you use pre employment you will help ensure you hire the right person for the vacancy. Help your potential hires excel in their position by using a personality test to match them to an opening that they are well suited to. The LAB Profile is an easy conversational way to elicit a persons beliefs, attitudes, and life filters. In order to use pre employment testing effectively you need to know what you want to measure and how you plan to use the results once you have them. Employment testing helps determine if employees will succeed in their position by ensuring they have the right behaviors and attitudes in the context of work as well as, aptitude and good potential for staying with the company. As a result of the information you will learn from employment testing you can save time and money by ensuring you are hiring the right person. The LAB Profile can be used to ferret out a persons true work attitudes and behaviors. Use employment testing to weed out false claims on resumes, this is particularly important considering 16% of executive resumes contain false information. Ensure you are hiring the right person for the job when you invest in pre employment testing.
Use the LAB Profile to Predict success and work behaviors.
Identify and promote leaders within your organization using post employment testing. Opportunities for current employees such as succession strategies, job coaching and mentorship is easier with employment testing. Every business has hidden leaders who contain strong leadership qualities that aren’t easily identified with the LAB Profile. It is more cost effective to hire from within your company to fill senior positions. There are a number or ways that post employment testing can increase business savings. Ensuring you have the right employees working in the right positions will ensure that they remain happy and productive, reducing employee turnover. Employment testing will ensure that you don’t overlook deserving employees when you are considering promotions or raises. .Read about LAB Profile.
You can not only increase productivity but also reduce conflict using LAB Profile and other employment testing measure. With so many people in the country out of a job you can expect to have way too many people apply for an opening. A lot of people are applying for anything and everything and a lot of them are saying what ever they have to say to get a job. The LAB Profile can filter those bad apples out.
A limited number of spaces and too many applicants creates many headaches for your HR department. Find the best person for the job quickly and efficiently using employment testing. Quickly find the most highly qualified people for the opening using the LAB Profile & employment testing. The LAB Profile helps you predict how employees perform and if they can fit in your organization’s culture.
If you feel you need more assistance perhaps Employment Screening is the next step you investigate.

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