The psychiatrist Carl Jung was the only person in this world who managed to understand the dream logic and discover the symbolic meaning of the dream images. My research, continuing his research, definitively proves to the world that everyone must urgently learn his method of dream interpretation.

This happens because everyone must save their conscience before it will be destroyed by the anti-conscience, the primitive and violent side of their conscience. If humans don’t pass through psychotherapy eliminating its dangerous influence in their behavior, they will unavoidably have serious psychological problems and become mentally ill.

Don’t think that I’m exaggerating. Many signs of behavioral abnormalities are not recognized by psychiatry and psychology practiced today as alarming signs that indicate the beginning of a mental illness or mental disorder. The biggest part of our population suffers from mental illnesses that are not diagnosed.

This happens because psychiatrists and psychologists cannot completely recognize absurdity. They cannot give clear explanations or sure answers about how mental illnesses or mental disorders can be combated. Only the unconscious mind that produces our dreams can cure all mental illnesses and mental disorders without failing.

The scientific method of dream interpretation is going to put a definitive end to the global indifference to absurdity, which unfortunately characterizes our hypocritical civilization. Humanity will finally stop ignoring clear indications of behavioral abnormalities, and prevent all mental illnesses before it is too late.

The transparency of the scientific translations clearly prove to all dreamers that their dreams reflect their psychological problems. Nobody has any doubt that the scientific translations are accurate because they give to all dreamers many explanations about the origin of their problems. They give them also many solutions, since these translations accurately transmit the unconscious messages. These messages contain precious information that saves their lives.

Thus, all doctors will study dream interpretation according to the scientific method when they will verify its value, not only psychiatrists and psychologists. The undoubtable unconscious wisdom gives to all doctors clear instructions in their own dreams. This way, they are able to learn many details about the mental and physical health of their patients.

Of course, our psychiatrists and psychologists will be the first ones to feel very grateful for Jung’s discoveries, and for my research and discoveries, continuing his arduous mission. They will finally be able to cure their patients with the help of the unconscious mind.

All doctors who work on different fields will feel as grateful as those who fight against sneaky mental illnesses. The generous unconscious mind proves the existence of God. There is salvation for all human beings when they accept doing what will eliminate their evilness. They only have to accept learning how to show compassion to the human pain.

The scientific method of dream interpretation will put an end to all the tragedies that are daily reported in our newspapers, and to many other tragedies that are never publicly reported. The end of hypocrisy and indifference to human pain will finally save humanity from violence and terror.

You don’t need to be a doctor in order to learn the dream language and help yourself by following the guidance of the unconscious mind. As a matter of fact, the free psychotherapy of the unconscious mind in dream messages will gradually eliminate the necessity of psychiatrists and psychologists in our world. Everyone will learn how to follow the unconscious treatment, without expenses or frustrations.

If you are depressed, or if you feel that you are losing your mental stability, don’t waste time. Study the dream language, or submit your dreams to me for a professional dream translation before your anti-conscience manages to destroy your conscience.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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