Each experience that we survive through brings a solid skill.
We need to celebrate that PTSD only wounded us, but did not kill!

The battle over our minds is the stronghold of the evil enemy.
Let us beware of thoughts that negate love, while filled with envy.

We must remember that God gave us a free-will, and shall not interfere.
He will use our bad choices (that led to sin) to put His glory into gear.

Genesis 50:20 puts this meaning into reverse as, “you meant evil against me.”
Such is revealed when contemplating on how God meant it for good, you see.

Scripture brings to light that, “Many people should be kept alive, as they are today.”
Let us consider how our suffering trauma may be of help to others in some way.

Jesus, the Christ is the perfect pattern for this perception of a programed paradigm.
Psalm 139:16 explains this perfect paradigm, as it proclaims revelation in this rhyme.

It says, “Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; and in Your book my days.”
What a wondrous contemplation of how God ordained our purpose in His ways!

Knowing that we are known to God before we are even born should give us joy.
This revelation goes much further than a sonogram showing mother a girl, or boy!

That means that whatever happened to us as perceived good, or bad is part of the plan.
As our Creator He can transform negative energy into positive, for He is not man.

What comes to mind is an even greater feat of transformation in spirit at the Rapture.
It is said that, “Those that endure to the end shall be saved,” that Christ will capture!

Perhaps, having survived what we did strengthens us for what perils are at hand.
A soldier is first trained in boot-camp to endure painful acts for courage to withstand.

Those with a strong will to survive fierce times practice their skills first.
They may starve themselves from indulgent foods, and drink only water with a thirst.

Every evil event they learned how to circumvent enables them to thrive.
PTSD became the obstacle course they overcame that the enemy did contrive.

So what kinds of skills are needed to prepare us for future battles of the mind?
We must be satisfied with what we have at any point in time, and be kind.

Saint Paul tells us that in Philippians 4:11-13 that to abound, or suffer lack to endure.
Because in either state we find ourselves in, we are strengthened by Christ, that is sure!

This does not happen in a vacuum of inertia because we need the qualities of faith, too.
This being faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of such through.

We must do our part, though in actively seeking the power of Christ to heal us.
Reading our bibles with an open heart, will allow us the wisdom instructed to discuss.

There has to be some physical manifestation in attempting to move forward.
We can start with helping others, and getting rid of clutter that will push us onward.

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Do you want to know more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD?) Contact me and I will share from my own twice-healed experiences. I am also a Qigong and Reiki Practitioner doing Poetry Workshops. Family, friends, and those with PTSD find me at: http://www.RisaRuse.com. See my books on Amazon at: http://www.CreateSpace.com/5289024. Namaste!