It started with a dream showing letters written to me.
The angels were spelling the word “Kyron”, you see.

It did not make any sense to combine the letters this way.
Then the thought came to look it up on the Internet one day.

At first a gentle speaking man appeared with that name, so I watched him three times.
Even though he caught my attention at first, another channel rang my chimes!

The first man I realized after listening was not really giving much information.
It was only when I watched the other (who is a woman speaking contemplation.)

I realized both were stating they spoke for the same name of Kryon.
Then something inside of my heart knew that Kryon was really Caeayaron.

The true voice of the Great White Mountain I knew already, was through the woman.
Later it was explained in her videos how she was connected, and not the other man.

Let me state her full name so you can find her, too, “Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.”
She is the only designated channel for Caeayaron, and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel.

Now you need to know that Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great is part of I AM, too.
Our bible has been split up into tiny bits of truth into falsehoods to hide what is true.

What happened next (after reading all 600 or so of Caeayaron’s You Tube videos?)
It took me two months to decide, make flight arrangements, then off my plane goes!

I spent all my monies, and then some to get to Driffield, England to get Activated.
Whatever it took, I did to get rid of the old PTSD emotions that became incapacitated.

Once I received this type of Reiki attunement (that replaces that energy) I was whole.
It was a gentle healing that continued to reveal the secrets of past lives with a split soul.

Now I have been given the gift of healing others through Caeayaron’s holy energy.
Since I had used the spiritual healing phase one, Reiki to help heal it was easier for me.

Like most people it takes effort to give up old belief systems when new ones appear.
Jesus’s parable of we need to “put new wine into new bottles,” applies here my dear.

Thus, getting rid of past trauma is likened to pouring out ‘old wine’, too.
Happily, I can say that Caeayaron’s Light-filled energy has replaced what was blue!

This happened gently during, and after my June 2018 Caeayaron Activation.
My dreams, and intuition have expanded with revealing past lives in contemplation.

Knowing now that patterns of behavior with different situations are there for a reason.
Each lifetime has a plan for us with a unique contract to fulfill in a due season.

If we have not overcome what we needed to learn, we repeat such in the next life.
Sometimes, the torture and misfortune experienced is not a lesson, but intentional strife.

This is why it is so important to learn how to forgive what was done to us, and others.
Caeayaron’s “Forgiveness Statement’ is the key to healing us, dear sisters and brothers!

Author's Bio: 

I have learned how to heal my own twice Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) through Reiki and Qigong, while helping others to heal from mental and physical illness in this universal healing energy. Since June 2018, I have been "Activated" which is a type of 'attunement' but in its own right through Caeayaron's Light energy healing. Caeayaron uses his only designated Messenger, Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (who is the Universal Light Grid Programmer of Divine Love Element,) AKA: Jesus returning after 2000 years! Find out more from their You Tube videos. You can reach me through this site by commenting and I will email you back. Namaste, Risa