Employment agencies play a major role in promoting the increase of employment rate in the country. Employment is vital both for the industry and the people who need jobs. All companies need workers to execute the core plans of the business so that they can provide jobs for skilled individuals. The skilled individuals, on the other hand, take advantage of the job offer to make a living in return for their labor. This is serves as a basic partnership between companies and employees.

Employment occurs in two ways; either the company hires applicants by its human resource department, or it applicants through an external party recommendation. Outsourcing the hiring process is a fairly recent innovation. Through this, companies avoid spending too much time and resources looking for workers without having to worry about their qualifications.

Dealing with an employment agency trims down the job of human resource management to purely regulating the membership of a worker in the company. This helps the management divert more resources to other more productive endeavors such as providing trainings for employees to improve the productivity and strengthening worker-employer relationships.

There are two types of employment agencies that can help companies in choosing the best applicants. Public employment agencies are government-based agencies focusing on the labor exchange of a certain state. The responsibility of these agencies is not entirely concentrated on hiring employees for the benefit of companies but on all employment-related endeavors instead. This type is divided into several divisions according to fields of expertise, such agricultural, commercial, and technical employment agencies.

On the other hand, private employment agencies are independent agencies with more specific fields of coverage. These are a lot smaller than public employment agencies because of the scope and nature of management. However, like public employment agencies, they can also be in the form of agricultural, commercial, or technical employment agencies, depending on the nature of their clients.

In most countries, private employment agencies such as some technical employment agencies are considered quasi-illegal entities because they profit further by charging applicants for assurance of getting employed. However, in the US, operations of private employment agencies are tightly regulated.

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