We’ve all heard the stories of how harsh and persistent the IRS can be. They used to destroy lives, almost on a whim, until the Congressional investigations in the late 90’s brought their “reign of terror” to a close. Or so we thought. Apparently they are up to their old tricks or at least one agent seems to be. Agent Michael H. Hoos of the Fresno branch office of the IRS seems to have gone out of his way to vindictively pursue and prosecute innocent people for crimes which to date, remain vague and uncertain, as well as unrealistic. It was Hoos who began to accuse Dr. Stephen Booth of setting up “sham trusts” in order to “hide” properties from the IRS. He even harassed and badgered Booth’s mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s. It was Hoos who began the investigations into the lives and finances of several Californians, U.S. citizens who, heretofore, had never been in any sort of tax trouble. It was Hoos who determined that Booth needed to pay the IRS over three million dollars in back taxes and who set up the levies and liens against his Bakersfield properties. It was Hoos, who under the control of Mark Cullers began to threaten witnesses for the prosecution with jail time and dissolution if they did not say what the IRS wanted them to say. It was Hoos who set out to find witnesses to “rat” out Dr. Booth (witnesses themselves already accused of wrong-doing and forming sham trusts.) It was also Hoos, working under Special Agent Kent R. Spjute, who prompted Spjute to begin criminal proceedings in a case that did not warrant such an outrageous and expensive action. All this in order to grab three Bakersfield properties that no longer belonged to Booth. or perhaps it was to simply show the American Public that EVERYTHING is owned by the government and if they want it, they will find a way to get it. In order to do this, corrupt officials in every office of the Fresno court and the IRS conspire with one another to commit the tax generated resources of our government, to spurious and useless cases of theft.

Like the Inquisitors of old, Hoos sets out to get evidence of tax evasion out of the mouths of those he torments and threatens, in order to prosecute innocent people! This is not justice. It is not even justified as a means to recoup tax losses, since they have spent more on these cases now than the actual monetary rewards can cover. This Federal Agent, Michael H. Hoos is totally out of control, “off the reservation,” as they say. Hoos continued to threaten others as well throughout the criminal proceedings against Dr. Booth. Folks like Bob Bell, real estate investor, and his associates, were brow-beaten and threatened by this rogue agent. He told them how he would take down their companies and throw them all in jail. Not only that but he told Bell to hand over $400,000 to him, which has subsequently “gone missing!” Bob Bell claims he paid the bill. Hoos claims he never got the money. Michael H. Hoos is obviously unacquainted with the Rule of Law, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He takes his plays from the playbook of Torquemada the Grand Inquisitor of Spain and the authors of the medieval “Witch’s Hammer.” His goal seems to be to torture people and accuse them of high crimes until they give him names and money! Fortunately in America, this kind of “rubber hose” treatment is still illegal, and just because Hoos thinks someone owes taxes, the agent has to prove by the abundance of evidence that there has been a crime committed. He can’t just take it upon himself to rough up a bunch of suspects until one of them is so afraid he will say or do anything to get out of the situation! IRS Agent Michael H. Hoos needs to be investigated and relieved of duties for the good of all. And someone needs to find out what happened to that $400,000. He claims to be a Christian, but he must go to some weird Christian church that teaches people to steal 400K

Author's Bio: 

John Livingston, Esq
Freelancer Investigative reporter
Colorado Springs, Co