Charlotte has been humiliated in public, now she is going to see to getting her revenge on the perpetrator.

Often in the best lesbian erotic novels, or lesbian love books, revenge can be sweet.
Charlotte stretched out, pushing her feet out straight down the bed. For once she was alone and in her own bed.

She reminded herself that today she was going into town for a very special visit accompanied by her aunt Maud, June and Suzi.
This was the day she had been fantasising about for weeks now, even the just the thought of it made her become aroused.
This visit was to be very special and had been well planned.
She turned on her side pulling her knees up and the duvet right up around her neck.
Feeling extra warm and secure in her nest.
Her thoughts turned to Suzi, I bet she is feeling far from comfortable this morning of all mornings, I will certainly make sure that I get my own back for what happened in Mrs. Winthrop’s shop.
In her mind the recall of the pain inflicted on her bottom, then Suzi’s humiliation of her bared reddened bottom.
Yes, I will make up for all of her excesses when I get her to the Tea Room.
Breakfast was always a semi-formal affair, set out on the stoop by Marie their African servant from the Alexandra Township. She had been rescued at only eighteen by Maud from a broken home. Sadly classic of so many. Seven children and a father who spent most of his money earned down the mine close by on drink rather than the family. Always now with a fast smile and a quick wit shown to those she trusted.
The stoop was shaded from the fast-rising sun by a low overhang of thatch augmented by the bougainvillea that clung onto the lower fringes of the thatch reeds.
It made a perfect setting for Charlotte’s favourite time of the day, with the cool night air being moved around and heated by the sun’s rays.
She never tired of watching the pairs of hoopoes on the lawn. Distinctive by their black and white bars down the wings; but best of all was the crest across the top of their heads that bobbed about as they searched the grass for food with their long bills. Always keeping an eye on their life long mate. If one left the other followed.

Aunt Maud was in an unusually chatty mood for the early morning. Eventually she asked.
“Are you ready for our day out, I am sure you are looking forward to being in charge, yourself.”
“Yes, very much Aunt Maud, whose car are we going in?”
“June’s and she will be here in the next thirty minutes at nine, like me she is always very punctual. So you had better be ready and waiting, or the roles could be reversed.” Said with a wry smile. “Don’t worry Aunt Maude I would not keep anyone waiting for the world, this after all is my day.”

Sharp at nine there was a Honk. Honk. From June’s large silver Chrysler.
Nearly twenty years old, with a running board and forward opening rear doors. The interior was velour lined in grey, with a dark brown leather seats, slightly cracked with age but nevertheless spoke of a quality so often missing in the newer models, as June was often quick to remark on.

Charlotte ran to the car and slipped in by Suzi onto the back seat,
“You will be gentle with me,” were Suzi’s words of greeting.
Charlotte gazed in open amazement at Suzi.
Two already large eyes appeared even larger. Dark blue on the eye lids. Long eyelash extensions with heavy black mascara matching the dark eyebrows.

The cheeks creamed then highlighted up to her cheekbones in a very dark pink. Her lips were a very bright translucent baby pink. The result was to make Suzi appear very doll like.
Her dress the one that she had chosen on that memorable visit to June’s house only a week ago. Just as she had read in one of her lesbian love books, or plain lesbian novels.
A one-piece skirt and top. The skirt was a light pink cotton with a wide bright green cummerbund round the waist with a big green bow; the top which was a very light white cotton almost transparent one could clearly see the outline swelling of her two small breasts, the material so fine that her nipples were also visible. On her feet a pair of open toed sandals, two bright pink socks with little bright green bows in front “You are looking so desirable my baby Suzi. What is this I see on the floor?”

Lifting up the big two handled hand bag Charlotte unzipped it and looked inside. Baby oil, Talcum powder, a re-sealable plastic bag, and a pack of disposable diapers.
“Everything I need.” Commented Charlotte thinking of her lesbian novels.
“Please, please Charlotte can we not go to the Tea Room; it is full of Mummy’s friends whom I see often, please Charlotte.”
“What did you call me? Answer me, you naughty girl.”
“Sorry, sorry Mistress, so sorry.”
“You may be sorry but your naked bottom will be really sorry for your insolence.”
“No, please not naked, please no, I am too old to show my bottom in public.”
“If you act like a baby you will most certainly be treated like one, I will use my slip-on leather sandals to make sure that you blub and squeal as a baby.”
Suzi sat back in her side of the bench seat, her face a picture of the despair that she was now realising there was no way out from her impending ordeal. What followed was not found in lesbian erotic novels.

Written by;
Kathleen Scotte

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I am an India based Author of several articles. His interests are diversified based upon the internet findings and research. He is an Arts Graduate with specialization in Current Online Trends.