Publishing content is a very popular and effective online advertising strategy but it does require you producing something people will have an interest in reading. In most cases you want to supply readers with some type of useful information in order that they benefit in some way from what you composed. Depending upon the topic, your skill sets and reader interests there are different directions you can take in your content development strategy to achieve these results. Keep in mind that if people display little interest in reading what you publish or fail to benefit in some way you are wasting your time.

Here are 5 different content development strategies that offer benefits of some sort to anybody who takes the time to view what you composed.


The use of humor if the subject allows for it is a great strategy to use because who does not like a good laugh? Basing your advertising strategy on a funny theme will not only help to make you stand out but it will be more like entertainment to people making them more inclined to view it.

Thought Provoking

By presenting statements or claims that are counter to the beliefs of your readers you are able to catch their attention. When you back up the way you feel with well founded reasons this can prove to be a thought provoking experience for them as well. This is a great approach since it tends to help increase their interest in reading what else you may have to say.


A widely used and very effective content development strategy is based upon sharing information with people who have a interest in the subject you are publishing about. This approach addresses the desire for people to gather more information about an interest or passion they may have, and if you can supply it, they will listen.


Using your own insight or sharing a perspective can prove to be very intriguing to others since in most cases they may not have considered that point of view. Once again this creates a greater interest in reading more about what you may have to say or share. In addition this pretty much guarantees your content will be original since the insights, perspectives and opinions are uniquely yours!

Breaking the News

Being a 'news hound' or staying on top of late breaking developments within a niche or pertaining to particular subject matter allows you to 'break' this news to others. The key here is to be well informed and then be able to react quickly when something new or of interest occurs. Folks commonly gravitate to any news source they find reliable when it concerns an interest of theirs.

Publishing content that people have an interest in reading is a very effective advertising strategy when working online. This subtle approach captures the attention of others while also giving your business a shot in the arm in terms of additional exposure. The key is to supply people with useful information in which they derive some type of benefit and to do so consistently. The 5 content development strategies reviewed above offer different approaches as to how you can present anything you publish. If you can not offer benefit or intrigue you give people little reason to view what you wrote therefore rendering this advertising strategy next to useless.

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