When publishing content online as the author you want as many people to view it as possible. Besides not wanting your efforts to go unappreciated, you also want to get as much exposure as possible! When using content to be circulated freely online the usual motivation is the exposure and credibility it brings. But the key to making this strategy work is producing quality information that people find interesting enough to read and pass along to others. So what is it about your writing efforts that intrigue people enough to read through the entire composition and even pass along to others?

Here are 3 things to consider during the content creation process to give your writing efforts a little 'pizzazz' and make it more interesting to read.


The topic you choose to write about absolutely must hold some type of interest for the viewing public to begin with or else your efforts are wasted. Selecting a popular niche or hot topic is always the first step in the content creation process if you want your work to be read. It is assumed that you have already determined the popularity of your subject and if not do so before investing any more time or effort.


The passion you bring to the writing process will show in both your delivery and in the quality information you create for your readers. People can and will pick up on your enthusiasm and this will help to further engage them in reading what you have created. Your passion and enthusiasm is 'infectious' and will go a long way towards making your writing efforts more popular with people. Having passion also makes content creation a lot more fun for you as well since you are enjoying what you are doing!


Sharing your insight is what really makes anything you publish unique and makes using content in this manner all the more effective. You can write about a common topic or current news but adding what your perspectives and opinions are is what makes what you create really original. People love to hear the opinions of others. It allows them to agree or disagree but usually always gives them something to think about!

Publishing content works great for increasing your exposure and building credibility among other benefits it offers, but only if people actually read it. The content creation process does involve some work therefore it only makes sense to create something of interest to others. If your efforts are not appreciated by viewers they are wasted! The key is to create something intriguing enough where others will read the entire piece and even pass it along to others. So what is it that turns a 'drab' or 'ho hum' report into interesting quality information in the eyes of your viewers? Well it starts during the content creation process itself beginning with the 3 qualities needed in it to attract most people. These qualities, as mentioned above, when added to any information in circulation, will help to add 'life' to what it is you have written. Remember, when using content online, no matter what your reasons, it will do you no good if others do not find it interesting in some way.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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