Why anybody will prefer to read the stories written by me? Might be the first question that will pinch your mind at the time when you plan to write something emerging in your mind. It is said that the life is a journey and every person has its own story, the story that has given him some lesson and experience of the lifetime. Giving appropriate words to your experience is a story. During this journey you meet lots of persons with different personalities and interestingly the list of these persons include even your parents, siblings, family members, relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues and every person with whom you meet during your day to day routine work.

Some of the persons whom you meet leave an unforgettable impact on your life and you could not forget them throughout your life. Now this impact can be good or bad that depends on the type of person you meet. But, one thing which can be surely said is that both these persons had given you a lift time experience. Well, apart from this for every person his parents are the best illustration for developing his personality, and therefore when it comes to talk about any of these persons, a person can speak continuously without any stoppage, revealing the things he learned from all of them.

Anyhow, have you ever thought that if you put all the gained experience on a plain paper it might take a shape of an interesting story, the story that is realistic and based on personal experience. But, who will read my story as I am a layman, not a famous writer etc are few questions that take place in the mind of various people willing to write their story. If you also have some story, but confused with such questions, then interestingly today, there are lots of renowned online platforms like yours2read that offer the facility of publishing short stories online to rookie and experienced writers on their portal without any charges.

The worth mentioning benefits of such online portal’s is that they not only provide you an opportunity to make the characters emerging in your mind, or the persons who influenced your life, live on the computer screen, but they also provide you the facility of exploring your name across the world without any heavy promotional strategy. But, publishing story online is not that you write everything in detail, make use of complex words, or use harsh language.

Writing for an online portal is an art and moreover as you are writing for the first time the content that you publish should be attractive and have an efficiency of compelling others to read it. For that it is imperative the title of your story should be catchy and sweet. Moving ahead the language should be simple so that every person who reads it should feel connected with the story and realize that the incidence had happened in his life too. While writing always remember that you are not writing for a specific segment of the readers but for masses and therefore the language that you use should be easily understandable.

One more thing that you need to keep in concern is that the length of a story should be small, because although internet in the current scenario has become the necessity of life, but again the reason why internet is famous among all the people is its efficiency of doing different tasks quickly. Besides, this as now accessing the internet has become quite accessible through mobile phones and other gadgets, a person traveling in car or local bus or train uses that time for doing activities like shopping, banking, booking, accessing mails etc.

Benefits of publishing stories online: It would be interested to know that the emergence of online portals inviting short stories from the authors across the world, offers huge benefits to them. Some of these benefits are referred below:

1 You get noticed by the readers and people throughout the world;

2. You have an opportunity of being recognized by various renowned publishing houses and portals that might offer you huge money for writing;

3. You may be able to develop huge fan following that will love to read your content.

In short it can be said that there is a writer in every person, the only thing you need is bring him out with appropriate words.

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Therefore, if you want the readers to go through your story try to minimize your story into limited and fascinating words so that before his journey end he is able to finish and publish the story online.