The educational system in Puerto Rico generally starts off as from age five, and most children attend elementary schools funded by the government. There are also a considerable amount of elementary private schools in Puerto Rico, however they are small compared to the public schools. Public schools need to meet a set of standards as required by the Education Department.

Choosing an Elementary School

A list of elementary schools in Puerto Rico can be easily found online. These are generally segmented by location. However it is important that parents and guardians consider a number of other aspects, such as the subjects taught, extracurricular activities, and the teacher to student ratio.

Elementary education is basic, but it has an important role in any student’s life, as it sets the basis for subsequent education as well as fundamental skills. In fact, elementary schools’ syllabi have to place emphasis on reading and writing skills, and set a sound foundation in mathematical skills. It is also crucial to help the children feel confident about themselves, while learning social and interpersonal skills. That is why extracurricular activities are important and serve a purpose.

Common Aspects in Puerto Rico Elementary Schools

After evaluating some of the most renowned elementary schools in Puerto Rico, some common aspects can be highlighted.

The teacher to student ratio in the first few grades is kept as low as possible, so as to ensure a good level of attention is provided to each student.
The curriculum is in most cases taught using the English language. However Spanish is taught as a second language in practically all the schools in Puerto Rico. It is inevitably given importance since the vast majority of students in Puerto Rico schools are Hispanics. Cultural aspects are also incorporated in this subject’s tuition in most schools.
Although the main emphasis is placed on literacy and maths, other subjects are taught as well. These include social studies, science and Spanish.
The majority of the schools try to promote a sense of community and encourage family involvement. In fact extracurricular activities that are organized in most schools at this level often include family days and fun days, for example.

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a href="">Puerto Rico elementary schools are numerous. A list of these schools can be found online by searching online directories. These often have links which lead to the particular school’s official site. Puerto Rico elementary schools place emphasis on each student's learning process and academic curriculum.