The price of the Yellow Sapphire Gemstone online varies from an approximate of one thousand and one hundred Indian Rupees to an approximate of eleven thousand Indian rupees. This price is per carat and shall differ from location and state.

It is advised that one should buy Pukhraj Stone online only from a trusted vendor who holds a decent reputation and has the maximum of positive reviews.

This gemstone is generally suggested for people of the following Zodiac Signs:

1. Aries

These are the individuals majorly born between the twenty-first March and nineteenth April every year. If Jupiter enters the ninth house in the horoscope of an Aries individual, he or she is bound for immense wealth and fortune. And if the Pukhraj Gemstone online is worn, the individual is bound to benefit from the gemstone.

2. Taurus

The Taurus individuals are majorly born between the twentieth April and the twenty-first May of every calendar year. The eleventh horoscope house of any Taurus individual represents profits. And if Jupiter enters this slot, then a particular individual should be encouraged to buy Pukhraj Stone online.

3. Gemini

The individuals born between the twenty-first May and twenty-first June are termed as Gemini. And this category of individuals shall benefit from the Yellow Sapphire or the Pukhraj stone online only when Jupiter enters in the seventh or the tenth slot of their horoscope. The seventh slot encourages marriages and relationships whereas the tenth slot favors employment and fortune.

4. Cancer

The people having this Zodiac sign are born between twenty-first June and twenty-third July of the calendar year. The ninth sloth in the horoscope reflects wealth and fortune. And hence wearing the Yellow Sapphire Gemstone online shall benefit a person who has Jupiter in the ninth slot of their horoscope.

5. Leo

Those who are born between the twenty-third July and twenty-third August in a year hold this zodiac sign. Jupiter entering the fifth slot of the horoscope shall encourage fame, knowledge, and education. Also, the eighth slot shall encourage having or gaining estates or inheriting legacy. Wearing the Pukhraj gemstone can favor the same.

6. Virgo

The birth dates of individuals occurring between the twenty-third August and twenty-third September have this zodiac sign. The fourth slot in the horoscope favors assets and pleasures while the seventh slot shall indicate marriages and relationships. The favor both of these elements in the presence of the Jupiter, one should wear Yellow Sapphire or the Pukhraj.

7. Libra

These set of individuals are born between the twenty-third September and twenty-third October of the Gregorian calendar. The third slot encourages strength and courage while the sixth slot is for negative factors like enemies, diseases, and debts. Wearing a Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj shall encourage the positives and pull down the negatives in individuals belonging to this zodiac sign.

8. Scorpio

The people born between twenty-third October and twenty-second November belong to the Scorpio zodiac sign. The second slot of the horoscope belongs to money and the fifth slot belongs to education, knowledge, and fame. The Pukhraj stone online shall gaining in all these elements in the presence of Jupiter.

9. Sagittarius

Those who are born between the twenty-second November and twenty-second December are termed as the Sagittarius. The first slot concentrates on self and the fourth slot focuses on assets and pleasures. Hence, such individuals are suggested to buy Yellow Sapphire online.

10. Capricorn

The people with Capricorn zodiac sign are born between twenty-second December and twentieth January. The third slot encourages strength and courage while the twelfth sloth indicates debt and losses. To benefit from both of these slots in the presence of Jupiter, one should buy Pukhraj stone online.

11. Aquarius

The people belonging to this particular zodiac sign are born between twentieth January and eighteenth February. The second slot in the horoscope shall indicate money and the eleventh house indicates profits and revenue for businessmen. They too are advised to wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Online.

12. Pisces

Jupiter’s presence in the tenth slot of this category of zodiac sign may boost employment. The individuals belonging to this category of zodiac signs are born between nineteenth February and twentieth March.

However, this yellow stone is powerful and people facing problems astrologically may seek assistance from their astrologers before purchasing the Pukhraj Gemstone online.

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