One of the primary reasons most entrepreneurs won’t achieve the highest level of success in their business is their lack of effective marketing.

One of the most important types of marketing you need to learn is pull marketing.

As the name implies, pull marketing is persuading consumers to visit your various online locations to get them to either buy something or subscribe to your opt-in list. It is about generating traffic to your website, blog, and landing pages.

Most people will not buy something on their first visit to your site, blog, or landing page unless it is incredibly low-priced and low-risk. When you minimize the risk to your visitors, they are more inclined to take an initial small step. The less risk, the more likely it is that you will engage your visitor. Minimal risk would be providing their name and email address for a free report, white paper, ezine, video, teleseminar, webinar, daily or weekly tips, an ebook, or a podcast. Another way to minimize risk is to offer a high-quality guarantee, which actually reverses risk.

Be careful not to overwhelm your subscribers with too much unnecessary email. Consumers have become so overwhelmed with the amount of follow-up email they receive when they opt in for a free offer that they often use a secondary email account just for registering for information. Many download something and immediately opt out of the very list they requested to be added to.

This means your offering must be of such high value that subscribers will want to continue to receive whatever follow-up information you offer. Don’t offer just anything to get that email address, offer something that will impress your target market. As in the world of offline marketing, first impressions are lasting impressions.

Offering something of extremely high value will easily set you apart from the countless others trying to accomplish the same thing that you are – increasing your customer base and revenue stream. Adopting a long-term perspective on what you have to offer can create the kind of value consumers have grown to not only want, but demand.

The best part of pull marketing is that it both builds your subscriber list and raises awareness through your promotions. Many of the strategies you use to promote your expertise are the very same strategies used to build your opt-in subscriber list: article marketing, blogging, media releases, joint-venture campaigns, email signature (sig) files, and forum group participation.

Making pull marketing a part of your everyday efforts optimizes opportunities. The more consistent you are, the quicker your results will be.

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