Almost everyone has experienced tinnitus which is said to affect all ages. Experts say that tinnitus is not a disease or a type of illness but actually a symptom of another underlying health disorder.

If such is the case, then a child suffering from tinnitus will manifest signs of discomfort and may tend to fret as well as whine. Parents should be ready to have a deeper understanding of the child’s situation and that pulsatile tinnitus cure may take some time to take effect.

Here are some pointers to remember when seeking for pulsatile tinnitus cure for your child:

1. Have your child examined by your family doctor, he will be able to evaluate if your child will need an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist. There are some children who tend to experiment a lot or explore parts of their body especially those with large holes or openings.

The doctor will examine the child carefully to make sure that the child did not put any foreign object inside his nose or ears. If this should be the case, then an ENT will be necessary.

2. If there are no objects blocking your child’s ears or nose and the doctor suspects that another disorder like anaemia or Mernier’s disease is causing your child the tinnitus discomfort, it would be best to find something to keep your child relaxed. Soothing words can likewise assure the child that help is on the way.

3. In consulting with the doctor about the best pulsatile tinnitus cure, ask advice about the best possible explanation to offer your child.

4. Let your child know that once the doctor has determined the cause of the sound or if the ENT takes out the foreign object inside his ear, his hearing will become better again.

5. In case your child has the unfortunate condition of suffering from the tinnitus disorder permanently, consider getting your child fitted with the tinnitus maskers.

These are small devices similar to hearing aids but will be custom-fitted with white noise technology. Be sure to guide your child in choosing the kind of white noise to incorporate in his tinnitus masker as his pulsatile tinnitus cure.

6. Check if your child is getting the relief he needs with the tinnitus masker; he might need a hearing aid instead to serve as his pulsatile tinnitus cure.

7. As much as possible, do not put your child in a too quiet room. You can turn on some soft or soothing music or play his favourite DVD movie to take his mind off the ringing sound in his ear until he is able to relax and fall asleep.

8. If your child finds it difficult to concentrate when taking his exams in his school, you could probably work out a plan with his teachers to allow him a different venue where he can have the aid of white noise to drown out the pervading sound in his ears. This is if the use of tinnitus maskers does not provide the pulsatile tinnitus cure he needs.

9. In special cases some form of professional counselling or professional psychological help will be needed.

In the meantime, supplement your child with diet that contains the minerals and elements, magnesium zinc, B12 and antioxidants. These nutrients will strengthen certain areas in his system that may still be developing. It would also interest you to know that most children outgrow their tinnitus disorder as long as you provide the right kind of diet and pulsatile tinnitus cure.

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