If a person is residing in India he will surely expect that the news should be in Hindi as it is the mother tongue. We always need to preserve the mother tongue as well as the values. Maximum numbers of people only know Hindi language. A strategy covering maximum number of audiences has been brought in by many media houses. News is delivered in accordance to various states such as Madhya Pradesh news, Haryana news etc. This is a welcome strategy and many people in India feel very happy that they are getting more and more attention. They can surely raise their voice against issues of the media channels. There has been an expansion of the horizons of various media channels. They properly keep on adding more and more audiences. Nowadays, people demand this because Hindi is the mother tongue and many news channels are providing news in Hindi according to various states such as Punjab news in Hindi.

Whether it is Madhya Pradesh news or Punjab News, the delivery of news should always be in Hindi. This is indeed a great step in showing respect towards the mother language. It doesn’t matter there is no diversity in the language. However, priority must be given to the mother language and it should be positioned at the apex of all the languages. People of India are very well educated and they can understand English and other languages very well. However, if Haryana news is delivered in Hindi, many people will be able to understand it. The fact that a hard step is taken for reaching the common people of India has been acknowledged by many people. Therefore, there are many news channels in India that are Hindi news channels.

There are multiple English news channels as well. A proper balance of various languages is exhibited. It is not only about news such as Madhya Pradesh news or Punjab news, even the Hindi news about Haryana news should be broadcasted at a national level. Fortunately, this has been done by many professionals in order to provide Haryana news and other state news in Hindi. This is all across the globe regardless of any caste or community. News in Hindi will be taken as a welcome step by the people just like any other state news. There is always a delivery of state news as well. Moreover, many places are targeted by the media for delivering proper news.

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