If your best friend falls into sick, you will not be as much cheerful as before. But if you are careful enough, you can save your best friend from being fall into sick.

Your promising steps can make your best friend healthier. Yes, I am talking about your puppy. Puppy is as much a good friend as your college friends. Puppy is your lifelong loyal friend. That’s why you need to take good care of them. In this article, I will tell you how you can take care of your puppy so that they don’t fall into unexpected sickness.

I am providing you the guide about puppy care and maintenance based on ASPCA pet insurance and expert recommendation. Let’s get started.

Puppy Care and Maintenance

As a puppy lover, we know how much valuable for us to care for our puppy. When you don’t know what your puppy needs to live a healthy life, you will fail to care for it properly. We need to know how to care for our puppy, but how?

Get a good Vet

Imagine your vet does not love your puppy as you do. When you leave your puppy to such a vet, how can you be sure that your puppy will be okay?

The first step for a healthy puppy is to go for a check regularly. By checking regularly, you will at least know if your puppy has any problem or not. But this is not enough. You need a good vet too, who can take care of your puppy as much as you do. Ask your friends for the recommendation. They might know about a good vet.

Buy Good Quality Foods

When you buy food, make sure you buy the expert recommended foods. Otherwise, the puppy may fall into unhealthy eating low-quality foods. You will find many vet food maker produce low-quality food to make a high profit. Moreover, for the growing puppy, they need your extra care. Care them with your hard effort in finding good quality food. You should also follow a routine of the meal.

• 6-12 weeks old - 4 meals/day
• 3-6 months old - 3 meals/day
• 6-12 months old - 2 meals/day


We forget to let our puppy do exercise. The puppies need exercise to burn calories. They also need exercise to refresh their mind. As for human being, exercise is as much effective to remove the boredom of your puppy. Here are some examples of exercise you can make your puppy do:

• Herd,
• Retrieve,
• Chew,
• Chase,
• Urges to dig.

Good Habit is the key to good health

Think about yourself. What if you don’t have a routine, your every day will be depressing. Same things happen to the puppy. Puppy also needs an excellent habit to lead a healthy life. You should train your puppy so that it follows structured activities. For example, you should make him follow to take bathroom, eat regularly. While giving the food, you should put it near the dog bed every day. It will help them to make a good habit of finding the food quickly.


Do you groom your puppy regularly? It not, it is not a good thing for your puppy. Research has shown that the regularly groomed puppies are healthier than non-groomed puppies. And what’s more, they will be more cheerful than before. You should clean your puppies on a regular basis. Also, you should take care of them in warm weather. Regularly shower them and comb them while bathing.

Watch the Puppy Carefully

Just thinking about your puppy will not save him from being ill. If you don’t notice any unnatural behavior of him, the puppy may get into big health problem without your concern. For example, if you don’t give him a chew proof bed he may eat the bed’s material while sleeping. For this reason, you should always watch these kinds of small details.

Do you think that you are aware of these issues? Can you detect any unnatural behavior of him? If not, you should make checklist now. Let your love linger in their minds. Make them healthier than before.

So, make a step. Create a checklist. Offer your puppy a happy life.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.