Owning a dog or puppy is a huge decision that comes with great responsibilities. One of your responsibility as an owner is to let your dog learn about the important things to improve his life and character through undertaking proper training and courses. Puppy courses or dog training provides mental stimulation to keep your buddy feel happy and become productive as well. Regardless of a dog’s breed and age, both the dog and the owner can benefit from training through implementing good leadership, patience and positive reinforcement.

Check out these puppy courses that will take you and your pal through all the basics to advanced obedience and skills training as a method to build a better foundation and relationship with your new family member.

Puppies And Beginners

Since your dog is still young, it is essential for him to start learning the basic pre-school course such as dog socialization, habituation to get your dog used to different environments, owner training, introduction to basic commands, handling, preventing behavior problems, introduction to clicker, potty/toilet training and crate training.

Agility Course

This course enables you and your puppy to know important skills and exercises to improve your agility. This session can be working on at home as it doesn’t require equipments. In here your dog can learn different types of obstacles that could surely make him happier, healthier and smarter.

Puppy Experience Course

Experience course can help your puppy learn about the proper socializing, lead walking, jumping, recalls and some important experiences you and your dog need to know. This may also include physical activities at home or outdoors such as getting through doorways, crossing the road and interaction with other pups and adult dogs.


Recall puppy course is about the ability to call your dog and away from objects, people or in any circumstances. This training course is important to ensure your dog’s safety and awareness to dangerous foods, toys, children, prey, people, running in front of a vehicle and various environments.


Heelwork course will teach your puppy to walk and heel. You can surely find a dog training company that provides a positive safe solution where your buddy can learn to walk behind you without you pulling him or dragging you elsewhere. It will introduce you the proper way of using leads and collars before the training starts.

Survival Guide

Allowing your dog to undergo survival training can guarantee his safety and consciousness about things that’s happening around him. Survival course provides guidelines for your puppy to overcome and handle separation anxiety, how to get him to hunt, learn hand signals, day recall survival, retrieve survival and gundog training survival with helpful videos, appropriate schedules, to-do lists and posters.

Dog aggression comes from fear and lack of experience. Puppy courses will get your dog get used of the most common fears when he is most exposed to new encounters and experiences. Without building proper training and communication, your dog has no idea about the do’s and the don’ts.

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