Silver has a way of making a gemstone's color look more brilliant and clear. The sterling settings add to the overall enhancement of the stone because it has a lustrous shine. You can conjointly realize several rings that area unit silver, with alternative gemstones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds and chalcedony. Sterling silver is also commonly used in combination with turquoise to create designs in the Native American tradition. Some styles can use pearls as the decorative accent piece. A pearl setting is generally found in a ring designed for a woman, while the onyx and turquoise can be found in both men's and women's rings.

Price: The price of sterling silver (alloy made of silver and other metals) is determined by the price of silver. For instance, if silver is priced at 50 cents a gram, a 10 gram silver ring will cost you around $5. However, the very fact that 10gm jewellery prices way more is explained by the extra labor charges, price of different materials, overhead charges, custom duties, value fluctuations, shipping charges and profits. Besides, wholesale jewelry prices are influenced by day-to-day changes in silver price.

Labor Charge: This involves the processing of the alloy, which include casting, molding, assembling and refining, to create the finished goods. As the craftsmanship of the jewelry increases, so does its labor cost. Similarly, stone studded jewelry is more expensive than simple ones.

Add-ons: The cost of additional materials used, such as pearls, rhinestone or any special finish. For instance, silver is often coated with rhodium to lend it an anti-tarnish finish. Similarly, customer may opt for pure silver or other finish of their choice, thus increasing the jewelry's cost.

One thing to remember while purchasing rings is the fact that one size never fits all. Therefore it is essential to choose a wedding ring that is not too loose or one that snugs too much. The one that you finally select should have a size that allows the ring to move enough on the fingers. It should also not tug tightly to parts of the bike or clothing. Rings must be sturdy enough and of high quality which means that the metal of the ring should be hypo- allergenic. They should also be able to withstand extreme temperatures as the bikers are always on the move. online offers many fashion sterling silver jewelry, on there will find many different style item, such as sterling silver earrings, necklace, bracelet and wedding jewelry.

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