Smoking is a widespread trend across the world, with multiple tobacco users across the globe. There are numerous ways to consume tobacco in our modern world, apart from the conventional rolled-up stash. Thanks to technology, smokers can benefit from electric smoking devices that prove convenient and reliable.

That said, vaping is a new and familiar way to smoke tobacco with an increasing number of users. For first time users, it becomes tricky when choosing the right vaping device. It is mainly because of a lack of knowledge about the market’s best products and where to make an acquisition.

It may be quite overwhelming purchasing vape products for the first time. Hence, here are a few guidelines for your first-time vape purchase and how to buy the right vape type.

Vape Type

There are many types of vaping devices offered in the market. It all comes down to personal preferences and your budget to get the right vape for you. Thus, you should know about the available types of vaping devices before making a purchasing decision.

Among the numerous vaping devices, cig-a-like were the first gadgets to hit the market. They tend to resemble a cigar and come with a battery and a flavor cartridge. They can work well with a dose of 200 mg ml unflavored nicotine base that can accommodate a few number of hits.

You may also consider going for the box mod that is known for its bulky shape. You can also opt for the vape pen that comes with a battery, flavor tank, and automatically shuts down after a few seconds. Thus, consider the available options in the market and make a choice.


It is imperative to consider the price of the vaping device. E-cigarettes don’t come in hand cheaply, and you should be ready to part with a few bucks. Thus, you should set aside a budget and ensure you have the funds to get the vape of your choice.

Your research will pay well by acquiring the right vape for your first time experience. Plan on how much you’re willing to spend before going for the right vape.

Vape Fluid

Each vaping device comes with smoking flavors for the cartridge. Go for the right e-juice and determine the cost. High-quality vape juice will provide a better experience and ensure minimal health risks.

Be ready to maintain your tanks for a smooth smoking experience. Know how to dismantle and assemble your vape for easy cleaning and maintenance. Research on more vaping options and check out for quality products from credible smoke shops.

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