Dogs are pretty amazing no matter whether they are pure bred or mutts. Still, there might people out there who do not totally understand what difference it might make whether a pet is pure bred or a mutt. So let's discuss that very thing briefly.

Of course, the most obvious difference between them is that a mutt is a mix of any number of different dog breeds whereas as pure bred is just that, a pure blooded breed of one sort or another.

Beyond this, there are a few other things to think about. With a pure breed, like a bull terrier for sale, it is a very simple matter to trace the dog's lineage and learn everything there is to know about them. This is because pure breed animals are usually only available through a breeder. Because of that, you have direct access to the records of the bull terrier puppies (or other breed) and their parents and grandparents, plus people have been observing the disposition and overall condition of these dogs for generations. Another big benefit of buying a pure bred dog, such as a bull terrier for sale, is that there are general behaviors and tendencies that all breeds have and with a pure breed dog, you will have a better idea of what those are. Bull terriers for example, tend to be all around friendly dogs with everybody, including other dogs whereas, pit bulls or Gordon setters are not so friendly.

There are advantages to mixed breeds too but, there are also some drawbacks. Mixed breeds are just about always less expensive than a pure breed with only one or two exceptions. I once found a Bichon Frise cross that they wanted over $400 for! Still, overall, they are cheap or even free most of the time. The fact that they are mixed breeds can bring you a very pleasant combination of behaviors or – it can bring you the worst combination of behaviors imaginable, depending on the breeds that are crossed. And, it is always a gamble as to which behaviors are going to surface in a mixed breed. The truth is, there is far more certainty that a pure dog, such as bull terrier puppies for sale, will be what you expect it to be. Also, bull terrier breeders, and other breeders, will often offer some sort of guarantee that your dog will be what you expect it to be. You don't generally get that with a mutt.

If you have decided that you want a pure bull terrier puppy (or any other pure breed), you want to visit the bull terrier breeders in your area in person so that you can see what this breed is like and so that you can talk to the breeders and ask any questions that you may have about raising bull terrier puppies.

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