There are now more ways than ever before for people to be distracted. For example, one no longer needs to sit down and watch TV or to turn the radio on, as they can simply look at their phone and become completely consumed; no matter where they are or what they are doing.

So based on this, there are not only the distractions of the world; there are also the distractions that one can create for themselves. And while being distracted from time to time is part of life, if it becomes a way of life it is going diminish ones quality of life.

Some people believe they are on this planet for a reason and other people believe they have no reason for being here. But it is clear that whether one believes in the former or the latter, it is going to have massive impact on their life.

One might say that they don’t just believe they are here for a reason, they know they are. Whereas someone else can say that they not only believe they are not here for a reason, but that they know they are not.

Feedback Loop

And as Henry Ford once said - “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” In this case it would be ‘whether you think you have a purpose or not--you’re right’. Ultimately, it is a decision that one must make themselves and from this place, they will be able to create a life of purpose.

This outlook will then define what they experience and how they interpret the experiences that they have. The inner belief that their life has meaning and purpose will be reflected back to them.

When one doesn’t believe their life has any meaning or purpose, this will also be reflected back to them. What this shows is how much of an impact one can have over their own life.


Through having a purpose, it is going to give one something to focus on. And as there are so many things in the world for people to focus on, this is incredibly important. Without a focus, ones time, energy and attention can end up being wasted.

If one does believe they are here for a reason, then these distractions are going to take their attention away from what really matters. Of course, if one doesn’t have this outlook, then it won’t matter what they do.


And the different sources who are trying to gain people’s attention, such as the mainstream media, are probably only too happy for people to believe they have no reason for being here. Not only does this line their pockets, but it also allows them to control people’s minds.


At times, there is going to be the need to engage in some kind of escapism – this is part of life. Without it, one would surely end up feeling overwhelmed and even burnt out. However, when one constantly allows themselves to be consumed by the distractions of the world, it is not going to be much better.

When one has a purpose, they will be able to be distracted, but not for too long. They will be aware of their priorities in life and their point of focus will soon change. So when one has a sense of purpose they are going to be able to handle distractions better, and when they don’t, they are likely to be an easy target.


If someone is unclear about what their purpose is, then it will be possible for other people to give them guidance; this may involve someone asking them certain questions as a way to bring out what is already within them

The word education is derived from the Latin word root educare and this means to draw out. What this shows is that external forms of education should be aimed at bringing out what already lies within.

So even though other people can give guidance, they can’t do a lot more. One must find or create their purpose. And ones purpose is something that can change as they change.; it is not necessarily fixed

Making A Difference

As human beings are interdependent, it means that when one follows their own purpose they are going to make a difference in other people’s lives. And ones contribution might be recognised by a lot of people or it might go unnoticed by the majority of people.

But what matters it that one is playing their part and the reward will be the fulfilment this gives them.


If one is in a position where they are unsure as to what their purpose is, it will be important for them to get in touch with what matters. This may involve writing down what gives them meaning and fulfilment. And what they would do even if they were not getting paid to do it.

The assistance of a coach, therapist or a healer may also allow one to get in touch with what matters and to let go of any blocks that may be getting in the way.

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