ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a complete software solution created for the business environment. Its purpose is to integrate the whole business processes and the business sub-processes in a unified and unique system. ERP system is usually created and implemented into an organization in order to help the company to achieve its goals in an efficient and beneficial way.

ERP software packages are implemented in order to manage the already existing and the perspective policies and plans in a very efficient way under certain strict deadlines. When we refer at ERP solution we can describe it as an ultimate business package because it has the great ability to control the available resources of a company and to make sure that these resources are used in the most efficiently way possible.

At present most of the companies are based on a single and unifies system that has the purpose to harmonize the business processes and efforts. This unified process has proved to be a vital element in establishing the goal, the area and the real results of the whole organization. Running different systems that are not able to work together properly is not a solution in the modern business environment any more. So ERP software package has the property to really unify the business process and to make it work smoothly and in a very beneficial manner.

We can consider that ERP software is as vital for business requirements as the air is for our living. It is impossible for a competitive and successful company to run without a well drafted and formulated ERP application. The more efficient the implementation and the follow up of the ERP system, the better and the most efficient are the results. ERP system is important for all modern companies, no matter if they are large, small or medium companies. ERP system can be implemented in all the companies no matter what business objectives they have.

At present there is a large variety of ERP packages available on the market, including PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Oracle, BAAN and SAP.

Selecting an ERP application package depends on various factors: the previous implemented software, on the nature and the sizes of the operations, on the consultant's recommendations and on the management decisions.

The specialized software implementation and installation must come after a detailed study regarding the business needs and requirements, the best vendors and the best software. A single mistake in the selection and the implementation of the ERP software might have disastrous effects upon the company organization and its business perspectives.

ERP software comes with a large series of advantages and benefits. One of the greatest ERP software advantage is that it is able to unify the company processes and the sub processes in a unique system. It can also enhance the company productivity, efficiency and its ability to achieve its objectives. With ERP software the vital information transfer time and the response time is reduced considerably. And these are only some of the ERP software advantages.

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