To seek purpose is to seek power. The loss of power due to the absence of purpose is an unsettling dilemma that many people struggle with. Self-empowerment is not a catch phrase that we use to shuffle self-growth strategies into. Self-empowerment is tantamount and if one is focused upon finding purpose then power will accompany the seeker and create a map the journey can follow.
Life is not to be just lived but it is designed to be explored with passion. That may sound glib or innocuous, but we have a tendency to just get through the day in hopes of getting a bit of time to relax and enjoy life. Passion is not what we do. It is what we create in our perception of life and its circumstances and situations. We can create passion in a mundane situation simply by accepting that whatever we are engaged in has the potential to enlighten us regarding who we are and can become.
Self-empowerment comes when we create purpose in everything in life. It can be a monotonous job becomes a way of giving and finding purpose in being part of something you can share with others.
Passion can be created when you determine that even that mundane job will be completed with excellence and commitment to perfection. In this choice, you are building character that can carry you into a more fulfilling position. Power comes to us when we take it and make it useful to our self and our intent to grow in all things.

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Lana J Thomas, M.S. Health Psychologist has been a serious student of ethereal beings for nearly 40 years. A shaman, herbalist and having found her calling, she is now a full time author. Her thoughts carry her readers into the astounding vibrations of cosmic thought and insights into the future, one’s purpose and offers simple steps of spiritual practice anyone can replicate. She states that her down-to-earth approach to exploring the universes is real and honest. Her words are opening minds to what awaits all who seek enlightenment and personal truth. For more information about Thomas, interested parties may visit