During the pandemic, pursuing athletic things such as running, biking, the triathlon, etc. can be a challenge. It’s not just that places like the gym are unavailable, as those places actually kind of suck anyway, and one of the big reasons most people don’t follow through with their fitness resolutions is because they wind up hating to go to the gym.

However, when it comes to running, it can be very difficult. It’s also much that there’s nowhere you can run, because running is one of the least claustrophobic sports out there, and thus as long as you’re out in the open and away from other people, you are honestly pretty safe. However, getting together as a team, running a club, racing, etc.? That’s a challenge.

This is where online running coaching comes in handy, and being an online running coach isn’t as unintuitive as you might initially think. Sure, you can all get together like used to add run down a track, or run natural trails, because frankly, social distancing these to remain a thing for quite some time.

However, online running coaching has a lot of advantages, including the fact that you can actually coordinate with people all around the world, making bigger, more diverse clubs. This, like anything else that brings in the Internet, can bring us all closer together, and enrich all our lives by bringing more cultures into our worldviews.

But how does it work?

How online running coaching works…

We’re just going to go over the gist of it here, as there are a myriad of different ways that this can be implemented, though they follow the same basic principles. Basically, all you need is a somewhat modern smart phone, a decent data connection, a biometric-enabled, Bluetooth-compatible smart watch and some sort of messaging application.

Along with this, a dedicated app is helpful, because this allows you to compare your stats gained from those smart watches, as well as coordinate virtual races, and help to track everyone’s fitness and exercise routines.

The benefits are massive, including no longer having to schedule everyone to get together, allowing people to choose the places they prefer to run, and again, allowing people from across the globe to be in clubs together, meaning that, like many other things, physical location is fairly meaningless in the 21st century.

Why this matters!

So, why does this matter? With everyone cooped up at home, feeling a lot of anxiety, those of us with an athletic nature need to be a will to run in breathe fresh air. We need to feel something that we are in control of, feel more at ease, experienced something closer to a status quo. For the rest of us, like myself, someone who isn’t particularly athletic if we’re being honest, it’s a chance to get exercise that we badly need, because we’ve been spending a lot of time on our couches watching Netflix and eating ice cream, feeling sorry for ourselves over the state of things.

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