Pushkar means a blue lotus
A brief introduction about the Tirthraj Pushkar – a religious town situated in the Ajmer district in the state of Rajasthan [the land of Royals] serves as home to the rarely found Brahma Temple in the World. Pushkar is located in the centre-east part of the happening state of Rajasthan on the western side of the Aravalli Mountains. This town is a pilgrimage site for Sikhs and Hindus [dotted with hundreds of Temples] –the most famous temple is the red spired Brahma Temple that was constructed during the 14th century CE. Pushkar also houses the eminent pilgrimage sites [Gurudwaras devoted to Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Nanak]. Visit any of the above-listed destinations by availing the services of numerous packages namely Rajasthan Tour Packages, Golden Triangle with Pushkar tour etc.
This place of importance is easily accessible from various parts of country India but the most comfortable ride begins from the pink city of Rajasthan as its any way titled as the gateway to major tourist destinations of Rajasthan. One would only have to cover a distance of approximately 146.00 Kilometers and the travelling time would be somewhere around 2 hours 40 minutes. And one can also explore some major destinations along with Pushkar – like India’s Capital territory [Delhi], the city of love [Agra], the Dream city of Akbar [Fatehpur Sikri] and the capital as well as the largest city of Rajasthan [Jaipur]. Options like Rajasthan Tour Packages and Golden Triangle with Pushkar Tour will simply prove to be the best of your choices.
A short description about the famous Pushkar Camel Fair or say International Camel Fair in India:
The town of Pushkar attracts more of footfalls travelling all the way far from the different parts of the country – this grand fair is also addressed as Kartik Mela or say Pushkar Ka Mela. The Pushkar fair is an annual multi-day livestock fair and cultural celebration organized in the praiseworthy town of Pushkar. This grand fair begins with the Hindu Calendar Month of Kartik and ends on the Kartik Purnima [somewhere in between the late months of October to the early days of November]. For more than 1 million visitors make their way to this religious town throughout the year – as the fair alone attracts over 200,000 visitors [running all the way from a faraway distance to become a part of this grand cultural celebration].
The imposing Pushkar is one of India’s Largest Camel, cattle and Horse fairs [apart from an act of trading livestock, it’s also a significant pilgrimage season for Hindus because of the Pushkar lake. Various events of entertainment are also organized including dance performances, Matka Phod competition [between the women], Longest Moustache competition, Bridal competition, Camel races etc. Thousands of devotees, farmers, tourists and the traders pay their visit or say become a part of this huge festival held at the banks of Pushkar Lake.

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This year plan a visit to the spiritual town of Pushkar well in advance [somewhere in the end of October or at the beginning of November] as the peak celebratory days are the last five days of the fair.