Spring is seen as a time of growth, renewal and new life. I’ve been watching these elements of spring take place in my backyard and in my own life. Outside, there are new leaves unfolding on my banana trees, flowers springing open on my purple passion fruit vine and tiny buds popping out on the limbs of my hickory tree. Did you know that individual flowers on a passion fruit vine bloom for just 24 – 48 hours before closing? Amazing! What beauty and grace Mother Nature is providing for me each and every day!

On the inside, I have also been noticing some new growth in my own life. I know in nature, sometimes stress causes plants to bloom exquisitely. I feel like one of those plants right now. My stress was triggered by a few months of slowly disconnecting from my passion, purpose and joy. I wasn’t aware of course, I just knew that I was feeling less and less joyful and that life seemed a little harder and harder. Have you ever experienced feeling that way and not knowing why?

I got to a point where I knew I needed to stop and really examine where I was, and do you know what I discovered? I had no idea what my intention was in regards to some of the choices I was making in my business – my real intention. Oh, I had a good story… I was teaching and coaching around the topic of money to help others learn and grow and to build my business…it all sounded fine on paper. Clearly, I was focusing my attention on these things, and they were happening… I just didn’t know why I was doing it (my intention). After a while, even some of my friends started gently asking me. “Why are you doing this? It doesn’t really sound like you.”

The reality was that I was disconnected from my ‘why’ or my intention behind the whole thing and I knew I was heading in a direction that didn’t really serve me. With this awareness, I made a choice to give myself the gifts of self-care, attention and support. I reached out to others, took time to mourn some choices I had made, took a break and a rest, and re-connected to what I was truly passionate about, which are human relationships. I then made a course-correction in my business and I am now once again fully connected to my intention – to live life with passion, purpose and joy and I do this by focusing my attention on coaching and sharing what I am so passionate about, relationship.

Today, as I looked at the new flowers on my passion fruit vine, I reflected on what keeps it so healthy. It needs nutrients, support, warmth, protection and care. It also needs to be pruned of dead or weak branches to support its overall health. Sounds just like me. By turning my attention on my own relationship, nurturing and caring for it, pruning out what doesn’t serve me anymore and asking for support, I am flourishing.

As the springtime continues, I feel grateful to be nurturing the most important relationship in my life.

How about you? Do you have a relationship in your life that could use some care, love and attention? Spring is a great time of year to grow, re-new and re-connect! Get your fertilizer out and go for it!

Author's Bio: 

Cathy Hartman, Relationship Success Coach and Founder of Heartful Connection http://heartfulconnection.com/ Cathy helps single successful women entrepreneurs live the life that they love with the love of their life. As a Compassionate Communication Trainer and Relationship Coach, Cathy has learned, integrated and implemented the tools, skills and consciousness necessary to successfully produce prosperous relationships. Having co-created her own beautifully successful relationship, Cathy truly enjoys helping single women discover how to break free of unconscious self-sabotaging relationship habits so they can finally have the relationship they’ve always dreamed about.