Kingston, Ontario is on one of the best cities to live in Canada. The city is popular for education, science, fashion, media, culture, entertainment, international trade; all opportunities you can use to LIVE instead of just existing.

Like with most cities around the world, there are places in Kingston known for insecurity and areas where residents dont even know what insecurity means. When shopping for apartment rentals Kingston to move in with your children, go for homes with child friendly facilities and ambience.

Homes for Single People versus Family-Oriented Homes

Your stay in Kingston can be fun or be a nightmare depending on the neighborhood you live. You can find an apartment for rent Kingston Ontario thats family friendly. This is a home in a well-kept community, has good schools, neighbors are family oriented and there are other social amenities like a playground and hospitals around the corner.

Single people may have different priorities when looking for an apartment for rent in Kingston. Some look for a place with a library nearby, or a market or college depending on what you do for a living.

Family-oriented apartments are more expensive and the cost of living is usually higher in the area. The one thing that;s a given for whatever type of home you seek (as a single or family person) is that you all surrounded by beautiful establishments.

Safety is another constant for all type of rental seekers. More secure areas will be more expensive, quiet and with ample parking space. But they are worth it because life;s too short to have neighbors interrupting your sleep with their noise every day when you can afford quiet sleep in a good neighborhood.

Perfect Homes for Millennials

Real estate owners are today building with millennials in mind. What our grandfathers found attractive is no longer the only thing we look for in a home. In the past a home would appeal if it had a reliable water supply, electricity and was in an area with a low crime rate.

In our generation we look for all the above in a prospective home, but we also want more. If the home is advertised for being secure, what are the specific security measures put in place? Do the Apartment rentals Kingston Ontario have a surveillance camera or an automatic gate?

Security- Most Important Feature in a Rental Apartment

An apartment may be in an attractive neighborhood with schools, hospitals and even a vibrant nightlife, but if it lacks security, then it’s not worth your consideration. More crowded places are said to have a higher crime rate, but these are also the places with a variety of restaurants and more social amenities.

When shopping for apartment rentals Kingston first do an extensive research on the neighborhood. Reputable real estate agents like can give you suggestions for the best places to live in. Don’t just trust their word for it, drive to the location and confirm that you actually like the neighborhood and the apartment. 

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