Signs that credit card providers are once again establishing a foothold after the most recent banking debacle can be seen in the increase of credit card offers being mailed out. These credit card issuers must find ways to build up revenues after taking huge losses from the new regulations that put limits on how they are allowed to conduct their businesses. One way they are working to increase there revenues is by offering more credit to consumers. While some may see getting these solicitations as a good sign of their credit rating, many find them to be an annoying nuisance. If you are one that doesn’t want the offers, here are some ideas that can be done to stop the unwanted solicitations.

How did you get on their mailing list? Understanding how your name and address end up on their mailing list is one of the keys to putting an end to this type of junk mail. It may be a surprise to many, but card providers often obtain contact information from the credit reporting agencies themselves. It is quite possible that other groups or memberships you’ve joined in the past are selling or sharing the customer lists they have compiled. This idea also is used by charitable organizations as well.

The best way to combat the advertisements from being sent to you is getting your name off these mailing lists. There are a few options that you may take to ease some of the unwanted solicitations.

National Do Not Mail List – This is can be found at and is completely free. They allow you to decide what type of mail you are interested in receiving or you may choose to decline all unsolicited mail. This Direct Mail database is often used by companies to compile lists of consumers based on the consumers preferences.

DMAchoice(Direct Marketing Association) – This association represents almost 3,600 organizations. They include many of the leading direct marketing companies. This online tool allows the consumer to remove their name from any or all of the member companies within the association. You may also contact them by mail and request your name to be removed from the mailing lists. When requesting to have your name removed, include your Full Name, Address, SSN and Signature.

Mail Preference Service
Direct Marketing Association
P.O Box 9008 Farmingdale, NY 11735

Email Preference Service(eMPS)– This is a service that allows you to remove your name and email address off commercial email lists. The removal will be from the national lists on file.

Credit Reporting Bureaus Lists – Since the credit reporting agencies are often to place many marketers getting information, it would be wise to contact all three major bureaus to get your name removed. The three major credit report bureaus are, Equifax, Trans Union and Experian. You may also call 1-888-567-8688 to permanently opt out of the all three at once.

Credit Card Opt Out – Another option consumers have, is to contact current credit card companies to request removal of their names from the mailing lists. This can also be don with other creditor companies. To opt out of all cc offers at one time, simply fill out the form at

You should remain off mailing lists for 3-5 years after you have officially requested removal in writing or utilizing an online form. This all depends on the terms of each organization. Also keep in mind it may take upwards of three months before you are able to see mail, calls and email solicitations reduced. You always have the option to put yourself on a mailing list further down the road if you choose to do so. Companies are always open to adding interested individuals to the mailing lists.

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