I am not a great photographer.

I am okay with that fact, knowing that I am good at many other things. You might not be a great photographer either, but I bet you know that you can't fix the focus of the picture after the picture is taken. You are that astute, right?

I have one of those "point and shoot" jobbies. (That might not be the technical term for automatic camera, but I think it is close.) Okay, confession: I actually have two of them--um, make that three--because my pictures are so bad that my husband kept buying me new cameras, hoping that would fix the problem!

When the third camera wasn't the charm, my husband decided to try his hand at photography.

He did what any person who is serious about a new venture would do. He asked a friend who actually is a good photographer how to start out, followed up with research, and settled upon his duel action, super-duper, fancy-schmancy, I-am-a-serious-photographer camera. I think his word for it is Cannon ftp.12billion ... or something like that.

For a beginner, he is quite good. I noticed some big differences between his pictures and mine--his are in focus, plus you can actually see what and who are in his pictures--clearly!

He is now the official family photographer, and I have at least two cameras to re-gift. (Sh-h-h! That is a secret, so if you are being gifted one of the cameras, act surprised.)

Here is my excuse for handing over the official title of family photographer:
I thought my camera(s) was auto focus and all I had to do was point and shoot! Even with the auto focus function on, my pictures were still fuzzy. I spent a ton of time trying to "fix" the picture. Yes, we already established that you can't fix the focus after the picture has been taken. That is why I handed over the job of family photographer--I tried it and it didn't work!

Hubby's pictures, on the other hand, are all his work--no automatic, erratic, thoughtless, "point and shoot" camera for him. He sees the picture in his head, adjusts the focus, lens speed--lots of work--but clearly the result is a superior product.

How can this photography wisdom help you with your Energy and working with the Energy of Money?

Reacting to any situation or circumstance first and then asking for help is the same thing as taking a picture and then trying to fix the focus. Oops! We keep trying to do the very thing we know is not possible--fixing the focus after the picture has been taken!

What are the Spiritual tools to correct the above mistake?

*Be accountable. It isn't the camera (money). It's you.
*Focus first on what you want the picture to look like. Ignore what "everyone" says. Who are You and what does the Real You say?
*Thoughts and actions either support what you want to create or impede creation. There are No neutral thoughts and no neutral actions.
*You can collect excuses (it was the camera's job to focus, right?) or you can get the results you prefer.
*Quiet Mind, The Now, Be Present.

In the past, like most young folks, quiet mind/meditation/ prayer was a last resort for me. My focus was on everything else first. When disaster happened, I would go to my Higher Power hoping that The Universe could fix what I had botched up. A lot of people live their lives on this theory: action first, quiet mind/meditation/prayer second. Thank You, God, for my old age and the wisdom to go to meditation first.

If you really want results you prefer, the order is: first Quiet Mind--go to Source Energy--then take action as directed by this Higher Power. Your life will be simpler and a whole lot easier.

Is your mind chatter telling you that you follow this sequence already and you are still not getting the results you prefer? That is a clear sign that you are resisting following the steps at a deep level.

Does your life seem to be constant chaos and crisis--almost habitually? Do you love riding the bucking bronco of disaster? If you are constantly going from one crisis, problem, or disaster to another, you might want to consider the possibility that you are an adrenaline junkie. The only fix I know for an adrenaline junkie is Quiet Mind, Meditation, Prayer.

Are you trying to fix the focus after the picture is taken?

If you are ready to focus the lens of your life first, before you take the picture, you are ready for my new book.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Karen Monroy holds a PhD. in psychology, and a Masters Degree in Economics and Business.

"I teach, write, and guide clients to Sustainable Prosperity." says Dr. Monroy, who is a pioneer in the field of Spiritual Psychology, and Nuero-economics.

Dr. Monroy explains to clients the structure of their minds--from a neurological, psychological and spiritual perspective clients learn to work WITH their own nature, not AGAINST their nature.

Dr. Monroy teaches Money IQ Skills, Money EQ skills and a spiritual basis for moving through the world of form. Dr. Monroy believes all of us learn about these concepts in the world of form (or Earth School as she calls it) as one aspect of our spiritual path.

Dr. Monroy is the author of an award-winning book: 30 Day Money Master Mind Makeover. Her upcoming book (scheduled release is October, 2009) is a children’s book about money: Mommy, What is Rich?

Learn more about Karen at her website: www.KarenMonroy.com