Python is an easy to learn language as it offers a shallow learning curve. It is a robust programming language used by many developers worldwide as their core language. If you are a beginner in Python Training, you might face certain challenges making the learning process a little difficult. Often beginners feel that Python is a hard programming language due to many challenges that they come across. Let’s explore the top four challenges that beginners face and ways to fix them.

1.Setting up the development environment

If you are a beginner, setting up the right development environment to carry out the tasks is very important. However, many beginners find it difficult to do so and this demotivates them during the initial stages.

Solution: Python comes with its own Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that makes it easy for developers to perform a wide range of functions using the tools. This makes the development a lot more streamlined and fast.

2.Deciding what to write
Many beginners have a hard time figuring out what needs to be coded to get the desired functionality. Every code has a certain function and there is always a chance of errors when writing complex codes.

Solution: Python has an in-built auto-complete feature for the code. Also, it allows developers to set data types of variables automatically thereby minimising the extent of work required. This also reduces mistakes to a great extent.

3.Compiler Errors
Often beginners panic when they have to perform other tasks as well as write codes. This leads to many compiler errors once the code is executed.

Solution: Python comes equipped with Shell script which helps developers to identify problems in a simple way.

4.Code debugging
For a Python developer who has just started out, syntax can be quite complicated. A beginner is prone to make mistakes, and this reduces as they gain experience. Debugging is an important component of the learning process as it makes them aware about the problems that they may face later on.

Solution: Python is a dynamic programming language, the features can be used to highlight the errors in real-time, which makes it easy for developers to identify and rectify errors.

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