Q: I've been really trying to make my relationship work for a long time now but I'm the only one who seems to want to. How can I make a relationship work if I'm putting in all the effort?

A: It can be very difficult to solve a relationship just by yourself. After all, if your partner doesn't want to help, how will the relationship survive? Keep in mind that you can't control your partner, you can only control yourself and your own actions and emotions. Take this opportunity to learn about your life and see how you want it to develop. Do you think it's worth it to stay with someone indifferent having a relationship?

Q: My partner doesn't want to keep the relationship alive. How can I make a relationship work by making them want what I want?

A: Everyone wants to find happiness. One good reason why they don't want the relationship is because having it fixed would only bring forth painful memories or emotions. By painful, this could translate to your partner having to face something they've refused to until now. What you should do is let them know the benefits of putting your relationship one step forward. Tell your partner that you want to go back to that time when you were in love with each other. Usually, this would get your partner into a willing frame of mind. After all, isn't that what brought you together in the first place?

Q: I believe we already did all we can. How can I make a relationship work if everything has failed?

A: It's possible that nothing seems to work because the two of you are still at a misunderstanding. Make sure that your partner is aware of just how much you want this relationship to be OK again. You can also ask them about where they really see the relationship going. Once your partner realizes just how much you care, they may start to let you in their own personal thoughts and feelings.

So if you are dealing with relationship problems, what you should do is open up about it while being concerned about your partner's plight. This is the most efficient way to get your partner the help they need to move past this relationship block. Once they realized the depth of your commitment, they will likely be more read to help with the development of the relationship to make it stronger and better for you both.

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