Did your girlfriend recently tell you she was questioning her feelings for you? Perhaps, she told she isn't in love with you anymore. Either way, I know that right now you're feeling hurt and confused. If you are experiencing the heartache of a potential breakup, please check out some frequent questions people ask when it comes to this situation.

Q: My girlfriend and I are still together but lately she told me she doesn't love me anymore. What does this mean for the relationship?

A: Well, I'm going to be completely honest with you here. This kind of thing is not good. If you're still together then she might still be with you simply because she wants the comfort and is afraid of being single. She's probably with you because she hasn't found a guy to replace you with yet. If you want to keep the relationship then put your foot down and tell her exactly what you think. Just break up with her and allow her to live with her decision. Don't be surprised if she relents and would want to work things out with you again.

Q: My girlfriend and I broke up a few week ago. She told me she still loves me. I tried to resume the relationship but she was angry and told me she doesn't love me anymore. What exactly does this mean?

A: She probably told you she loves you just to avoid hurting you too much. But then you probably made a mistake men usually do when they're dumped like try to contact her too soon. This probably got her angry, making her tell you she doesn't love you anymore just so you would stop bugging her. But seriously, she's probably having a tough time right now. If she's not acting too cold towards you, chances are you can still get her back. Try to stop thinking about her for a month and instead focus on yourself. She'll start missing you and think that you are pulling away from her. Be casual about it, go slow and don't act like it's a contest and you want to "win" her back.

Q: What should I do if my girlfriend tells me she doesn't love me anymore but I still love her and want things to work?

A: I suggest that you start off by using the No Contact Rule. This method would not only make her miss you but also provide you the time you need to get your emotions under control. After not seeing each other for a long time, you'll find yourselves calmer and more rational the next time you see each other and would be much more willing to work things out. Take it easy and don't be too hasty with the relationship. Enjoy the dating stage and let yourself re-discover your girlfriend.

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