Every day there are different things popping up demanding your time and attention, with a promise to help you earn an extra buck. With recession refusing to completely get out of our lives, earning an additional income is not a bad idea. People need to keep up their life styles and lead a luxurious life for which it is necessary to earn more. Many direct selling companies use Multi Level Marketing provide schemes, which make it an easier option to make an easy buck. Qnet is one of the largest direct selling companies using Multi Level Marketing.

There is a general misunderstanding that most of the Multi Level Marketing schemes are used to cheat people of their money. This is not true. Just because of a few wrong ones, the whole market gets a tainted identity. This direct selling company has come a long way since its inception in 1998. The company boasts of a huge network of loyal customers and great array of products ranging from personal care to holiday packages.

The company places a huge importance and value on the trust of the customers. This is one of the major reasons for their success over the years. The company sells its products to satisfied customers who in turn can become Individual Representatives (IR) and promote the products among other customers online. These Individual Representatives are provided with the appropriate training and are made familiar with the company policies. One misconception to be cleared is that Qnet is not a place to make quick and easy money. Every IR gets a compensation based on the sale made by them. No one can make money without putting in the required efforts.

As they say, even one spoilt grain can rot the whole; the whole allegation of fraudulent practices is because of some IRs, who do not know how to function in a multinational conglomerate. If one does not put in the necessary time and effort, it is obvious that the person will not get the desired returns. Not giving compensation to those who did not make sales is not the fault of Qnet, but of the people who fail to understand the functioning of Multi Level Marketing. Some people are incapable of succeeding and as a result are blaming the company for their failure.

The success of multi level marketing used by the company is fairly visible if one reads the innumerable success stories about consumers who turned Individual Representatives and greatly benefitted from it. If you go online, there are various stories of people who own Ferraris and live a life filled with luxury by associating themselves with the company. The common understanding is very evident, if the company and its products were a sham, how could it have such a huge and loyal customer base?

Carefully going over the various facts, it is easy to realize that the fraud reports and the negative publicity of Qnet is a lie. It is basically a ton of fake reports submitted a bunch of people blaming the company for their failure.

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