Media explosion has resulted in a drastic increase in the wants of the common man. With the introduction of various television channels, radio stations, and the internet people are now exposed to various products and services that were not previously accessible to them. As a result more and more people are looking into alternative sources of income to meet their increasing needs. In such a scenario, companies like Oriflame, Amway and Avon which offer people an opportunity to make a few extra bucks on the side, are gaining popularity. MLM (multi level marketing) marketing companies are a huge success in developing countries for this reason. Their approach is simple yet effective and they are able to attract people with their low initial investments and flexible working hours. One such company that caught my attention was Qnet.

Qnet, earlier known as QuestNet, was founded in Hong Kong in 1998. A main subsidiary of the QI Company, it is one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world today. I recently had the opportunity to meet an IR of Qnet who was able to tell me more about the company and what they do. They rely on a simple yet effective method of direct selling through multi level marketing. They work on a system wherein they appoint Independent representatives (IRs) and these IRs then recruit more members. For every sale made by a member recruited under them, the IR is given a percentage of the proceeds. This ensures lasting interest in the sales of the company’s products along with a steady inflow of members.

Qnet intrigued me for two simple reasons; clarity in their process and quality and range of the products they offer. They give you the opportunity to work either part time or full time and the work hours are flexible and target oriented. The method of earning is clearly stated and is directly dependant on the amount of effort a person is willing to put in. They offer a number of products ranging from luxury collectibles to holiday packages and educational products. The products sold by them are not only affordable but also high on quality. I have come across a number of people who swear by their products like Amezuca Bio Disc and Fibrefit.

Over the years, countries like Sudan and Nepal have banned Qnet, citing fraudulent methods of business and illegal proceedings. Most of these allegations were floated by rival companies looking to cash in on the situation. The company however was quick to respond to these allegations and give all the necessary proof to clear their name. If you visit their website you can see they various institutes they are registered under and the authenticity of their business. Even with the bad publicity and in some cases shutting down of plants, they have managed to successfully revive their name and continue to function profitably. Theirphilosophy is simple; if you want to make money you need to make sure that the people you bring into the company are making money. Having survived 14 years in the industry, despite the allegations and bad publicity, it’s safe to say Qnet is here to stay.

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MLM (multi level marketing) marketing companies are a huge success in developing countries for this reason. For details: