There was a time when newspapers and media were reliable. But that time has long gone. With the increasing use of the online media, the sanctity of news and truthful information are no longer existent. It is increasingly easy to post any bogus reports online and make people believe that they are true. Off late there has been a very thin line between authentic reports and fake reviews being posted on the Internet. This is exactly the case with the Qnet Complaints floating online. They are nothing but fake made up reports to harm the company’s social and market standing.

Qnet is one of the largest direct selling companies, which provides a host of products ranging from personal care to holiday packages. The company functions on multi level marketing program. Multi level marketing generally works through networking. In this company, the satisfied customers can choose to get associated with the company. It increases the company’s network as well as provides the customers with a means of earning an extra buck. If you go to see, it is a total win-win deal. These customers can opt to become Individual Representatives (IR) and in turn promote the products to other potential buyers. They receive payment from the company depending on the amount of revenue generated by them.

It is quite a simple process really. The individual representatives are promptly given their due compensation. This is one of the many reasons for the company’s outstanding success. They have a huge base of loyal and satisfied customers that back them up. Therefore, Qnet Complaints that the company falsely lures them in complicated schemes are odious. Firstly, a networking company doesn’t need advertising. The company only relies on positive word of mouth to carry out their business. The fact that they made such a huge success out of it in itself refutes all the false claims.

Another thing pointed out in the Qnet complaints report is that the firm’s products are substandard and not up to the mark. This is totally a wrong accusation. The company’s products undergo a series of quality tests and moreover, are registered under a number of prestigious organizations the world over. These complaints are nothing but a very lowly trick by the competitors in order to tarnish the company’s image in front if the customers, both potential and existing, and thereby bring down its rate of success.

One other thing to be cleared out is that no company or organization provides compensation for no reason. If a person fails to understand the nuances of a multi level marketing strategy and the working of a networking company, it is not the fault of the company. If one fails to put in the time and effort required, why should the company bear the brunt of their in capabilities? A select few end up tainting the entire organization. If one wants to believe the Qnet Complaints, then they should know both sides of the story, so why not try to read about the innumerable success stories all over the world, attributing their success to the very same company?

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