Trust and faith are two important musts when you are involved in a business. Here, we are talking about one business that has been in operation since 1998 and has established itself in over 200 countries. Quite a long time, right? Well, despite its long run and success, this company has faced many baseless allegations. The company I am talking about is QNET. And I hope this QNET review changes many of those wrong perceptions that you have been holding.
Go online and type ‘QNET scam’ on Google. The search engine will provide you with hundreds of articles and comments on discussion forums. There are a few blogs as well. Oh, and maybe a page on FB somewhere. The sad truth is that all these scam reports are just false allegations floating around. There is nothing called an ‘informed decision’ out here. Everyone loves talking about what’s being talked about without putting some thought to it. The very proof of that are anonymous posts across the Internet badmouthing QNET, as compared to the more genuine ones which are real first-person accounts. That is, as we all know a downside of the online world. Come and post rubbish– without revealing your real identity. So who is this anonymous we are talking about?
Before coming to that, let this Qnet Review tell you what QNET is all about. It is a direct sales company that utilises a networking strategy and an e-commerce platform, where distributors (known as IRs) stand to earn lucrative income through the promotion and sales of the company’s products online. There are many companies like that today. I agree some of them are not legitimate too. But here we are talking about a company that has been around for quite some time now.
I have been a part of this company myself and if you are considering becoming a part of it too, you need to understand that QNET is a network marketing company. Credibility is always important. QNET has been around since the year 1998. Its headquarters are in Hong Kong. The company has been very stable. It has also involved itself in a lot of sponsoring and charity too, with a charity arm called RYTHM Foundation. It is way more than just another networking marketing company.
QNET has millions of distributors called Independent Representatives. After expanding to so many countries, it has gained a lot of trust and faith as a business. It has provided people with an additional income to earn.The growth of the company has been extremely good. The company has sold personal care products, as well as products related to wellness, jewellery and telecommunication. They even offer vacation packages.
QNET ensures all its IRs are given intensive training to groom them to become network marketing professionals. The company has empowered people from all walks of life, from white-collar executives to housewives to college students. The extra income has made a significant impact on millions of lives, particularly those from less well-to-do countries where a small amount goes a long way. Of course the business opportunities have also helped to create jobs for many, especially where unemployment is rampant.
The company has been doing a lot for its customers. I hope this Qnet Review has contributed a little bit to making you realise how important this company has been in making a difference to the lives of millions all over the world.

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