People these days are never satisfied or content with the amenities they have, instead they are on the lookout for more methods to earn money and increase their level of luxury. Marketing companies associated with multinational enterprises do not accept people without specified qualifications. MLM companies have become a boon to the masses and helped make life more habitable. The networking ideologies adopted by such companies have managed to create a customer base that includes people belonging to different professions. Unfortunately, the Qnet Scam that had recently flooded the newspapers called companies of this sort a fraudulent enterprise constituted to extract money out of its members. However these companies had a strong foundation, hence much harm wasn’t caused in terms of its functioning.

Every company in the marketing genre has to create a base, some kind of concrete foundation to construct the overall business viable to the customers’ demands. A hard-core, thoroughly thought out plan structured in accordance to the marketing lexicon is the basic tool that helps understand the modus operandi of the business on the whole. Before the Qnet scam released, the company followed a business plan that sold collectable coins, luxury vacation schemes and other products and included members to sell these products and retrieve heft returns. Following an MLM business plan is relatively simple and easy to grasp owing to the structured layout. People find this mode of marketing relatable because of the simplified policies and procedures.

The Qnet Scam created chaos in the world of network marketing and people were afraid to form alliances with the company as independent representatives. As a result the company faced allegations and accusations of fraud. The misconception gained momentum when a certain set of associatedmembers agreed with the accusations. Spiralling out of control, the MLM companies were suffering the brunt without actually committing the fault. It is relevant that in the marketing industry, the cut throat competition is bound to take an ugly turn but the humiliation faced by certain companies was astonishing

Investigations were carried out to extract the truth behind the whole upheaval. On investigative probe, it was found that the allegations mentioned in the Qnet Scam contained more adulteration that true facts. Qnet and other MLM companies never claimed to use quick money making schemes, they provided a step by step toolkit to be implemented to attain success in the business. With misconceptions and allegations filling the market, the customers were all the more confused with the recent happenings. While getting associated with a company in terms of providing a share of capital, makes it the investor’s job to work with dedication and perseverance to enhance the company’s reputation. No company is perfect and has had a perfect launch as well as existence. Trials and tribulations are all part of the game, so it is easier to endure and fight it instead of whining over failures. MLM companies come with a scheme where the customer receives the amount balancing the amount of effort he puts in. Using the give and take policy makes it apt the common man to comprehend to acquire financial freedom.

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