Marketing is an enterprise that has gained prominence over the last decade since advertising has become one of the vital mediums of communicating a company’s product on a public platform. Lately the conventional marketing strategies have taken a backseat and networking has become the latest trend. Along with networking a technique called direct selling has also been adopted to help quicken the process. Before the qnet scam became a global concern, the company had an exclusive portfolio with all kinds of lifestyle enhancement products. These MLM companies have a business plan that can make help shape our exclusive dreams and fuel the necessary income flow without being pressurised by higher authorities. Initially, these companies struggled to kick start their emphasis in the marketing scenario but once people realised the true worth of the technique, it started gaining immense public acclaim. The multi level marketing enterprise provides a platform that gears a person’s dream in a specific direction to success but does not promise quick money schemes. The Qnet Scam not only affected the reputation of the company but it also lost many of its clients.

The Qnet Scam is thought to be one of the most talked about scams in the MLM world. The MLM enterprise utilizes the two eminent techniques- directing selling and network marketing. In the procedure of direct selling, the member of the company sells their product to a potential buyer without using additional mediums like advertising. Instead of directing huge sums of money in unnecessary expenditure, network marketing enables promotion of the company through word of mouth which spreads at a faster rate. This saves the excess cost and the seller earns a hefty commission in return. The qnet scam caused redundancies in the functioning of the MLM enterprise but could not completely destroy the company owing to lack of evidence to support the rumour. This form of unconventional marketing enables an individual to conduct a self proclaimed business on his own terms without having to justify to any superior executive.

The qnet scam began with a light push but spiralled into a massive public controversy that went on to tarnish the respect that the enterprise had carved for itself in the eyes of the masses. Multi level marketing fostered communal harmony and diligence in work but the controversy made the entire section of companies look like a conning scheme set up to steal people’s hard earned money. The public battle to reclaim its lost glory continued and the finally investigations were initiated to unravel the truth. Once the true findings were out in the limelight for the public to see, the cloud of contempt started dispersing. Clear skies indicated that the MLM enterprise had another golden opportunity to reclaim its goals and targets.

The eminent feature was the easy marketing and the platform to showcase the business sense that dwelled in the minds of the members. The enterprise runs successful mainly because of the fact that one individual’s success is dependent on his sponsor and vice versa, so people work in unison to achieve their dream. This enterprise may be minute in comparison to the big names of markets but has put forth its fame in ways that are unimaginable.The Qnet Scam may have hit hard but certainly made people clear that belief in baseless rumours has no benefits.

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