Qnet earlier known as QuestNet is a global E-commerce megacorp and a subsidiary of Qi group of companies. Qnet is a part of Network marketing industry which is a 75 years old and $170 billion industry. Qnet was established in the year 1998 with its headquarters in Hong Kong. When the company started, Qnet exclusively offered high value minted coins and medallions, and quickly established themselves as one of the worlds leading numismatics Company. Since 1998 the company went through a lot of expansion and began to serve many different niches. In 2002 Qnet expanded their product line to include vacation packages and holiday exchange programs, in 2004 the company began offering luxury watches and jewelry and in 2005 Qnet expanded and started to offer telecomm services. This was just a start to the massive expansion the company took in the years ahead as it entered in health and wellness products and gradually even started to offer household products by the year 2008. In 2010 the company brought about lot of changes as they underwent strategic repositioning and re-branding; changing their name from QuestNet to Qnet to reflect the massive progression and the shifting business model of the company.

There have been a lot of speculations going around about the Qnet scam since the re-branding of the company. There have been a lot of buzz about the company not being a legit one and using the Pyramid scheme to drain the costumers pocket and some even state that the pyramid scheme used by the company effects a country’s economic structure adversely. Some of the major allegations brought forward by people in the Qnet scam are that the company is overpricing a particular product to compensate the commission paid, adding the products are completely useless. There have been people claiming that 95% Qnet members are not making any money and thus quit. One of the most serious points that were brought forward was that the company’s business scheme is a reinvented pyramid scheme and it easily penetrates in any 3rd world country affecting and brainwashing the common people.

Now having heard all the rumors one may think that besides all of such serious backdrops why is the company not banned?! Why aren’t there any steps taken against the mega corp.?! Very clearly because these allegations are brought forward by those people, who have not made it big in the business! Qnet is a business and thus one does not earn till he works towards it. Qnet does not promise you to get anything without working, it is a business model hence one invests money to buy a product and with that one gets a business center, network support & virtual infrastructure absolutely free of cost. With the presented business center one can create a network and spread the idea of the business eventually resulting to more sales, eventually resulting the desired money and growth.

Qnet has spent more than a decade developing a strong global reach, with millions of satisfied customers and independent distributors all around the world. Qnet is the main subsidiary of international megacorp, the QI Group. The Group has varied business interests, including direct selling and e-commerce, lifestyle and leisure, investments and property management, training and conference management, telecommunications, and luxury and collectibles. Qnet is a very lucrative business if one works towards it and it certainly is not a scam as said by people. Qnet provides high quality products and provides people a chance to make their dream come true.

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An international direct selling brand that utilities the network and multi level marketing (mlm) combined with e-commerce for more info: http://qnet-scam.blogspot.com