Qnet, a direct selling company established since 1998, is one of the market leaders today due to its wide product range and extensive market reach. With a presence in over 30 countries worldwide through representative offices and agency partnerships, this subsidiary of the Qi Group of Companies has managed to earn a name for itself in the highly competitive environment of the marketing industry. Only 13 years old, this company has managed to carve a position for itself that is almost untouchable by others through is unparalleled business model which encourages and persuades its members to create their own business with the help of direct selling. Although their headquarters is in Hong Kong, Qnet Singapore has grown to become one of its most prominent office world over.

Qnet Singapore is a huge successful for a number of reasons. Its geographical location has allowed it to easily set up networks with other Asian countries around it making it the most convenient location to establish headquarters for certain divisions; like their travel and lifestyle division. This branch office is a part of several industrial bodies such as the Direct Selling Association Singapore (DSAS) and is an active member of the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore (HSIAS). Association with such esteemed bodies is proof that their products are not only superior in quality but also widely accepted and used. Singapore has seen a great deal of development over the recent years and this headquarter of Qnet has successfully been able to cash in on that. Further, another reason that adds to the success of Qnet in this city state is the people indulging in direct selling. The company has over a thousand members up till now who have enjoyed working with them and have made noticeable gains through their association with the company.

Qnet Singapore has been able to successfully link the markets of South East Asia to Qnet in a way that allows for smooth, efficient and customized flow of goods. In a short period of time they were able to generate enough buzz in and around the country to almost double the number of orders, especially in the case of their most popular product line; Amezcua. A number of false allegations with regard to the working ethics of Qnet have been floated by rivals across the World Wide Web. The company has been quick to act against these baseless accusations and salvage their name in the industry. Today, their stronger than ever customer base acts not only as a reminder but also as a re enforcer of their positive image and genuine methods of working. Its growing popularity in Singapore has further credited to the success of this company. In a limited span of time the company has been able to generate huge profits through the local markets as well as garner in revenue from neighboring countries. With every passing day more and more people in the city either want to use their products or become a member of Qnet Singapore. This tremendous success has helped Qnet reach new heights of business success.

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Although their headquarters is in Hong Kong, Qnet Singapore has grown to become one of its most prominent office world over. For details: http://qnetonline.jimdo.com/2012/05/16/qnet-singapore-a-direct-marketing-phenomena/