The food and restaurant sector has flourished in the last decade to deliver services which have made things convenient for the food-loving population. Have you heard about quick service restaurants? This is a latest concept which is focused on delivering food in the quickest manner without comprising on taste & quality. To be precise, there is no table service and the dishes are cooked under a minimum time span. Looking at the current trend in the QSR sector, many such restaurants function as chain restaurants abiding a franchise-type model.

However, not every QSR is bound to function under a franchise model. There are several outlets which operate with the traditional business setup. The past few years has experienced a significant growth in the count of quick service restaurants, which offer both traditional and non- traditional cuisine varieties. Be it burrito, tortilla or different Mexican cuisines, you can grab reasonable dishes without wasting much time. These days, Chinese stir-fry dishes are the hot selling choices among QSRs that have evolved from the standard Chinese wok.

What is the future status of QSR industry?
It is expected that in the coming years the quick service restaurant market will gain pace due to modernization and rising customer count. Food quality and cuisine diversity are the two aspects which need to expand so as to pull in more orders. As per statistics and active surveys conducted by independent organizations, demand for quick service restaurants is definitely going to rise across developing nations.

Technology Trends Impacting QSR Sector
Advance technological assistance is surely going to act as a crucial factor in motivating the QSR sector in the coming years. Presently, the technologies supporting QSRs are aimed at improving customer experience together with operational efficiency. Below mentioned technologies have already acquired greater acknowledgement from customers and are expected to climb a higher step with the passage of time to uplift the global quick service restaurant sector.

Voice-Based Ordering
With the launch of smart devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo, the platform for interactive technology is evolving. Hence, users are able to perform actions such as music control, light control and even manage shopping lists using verbal instructions. This technology has now been extended to food ordering, which is simply remarkable! However, it should be known that voice-based ordering still needs time to grow at a wider level. With uncountable advantages delivered to the customers, this high-tech service is expected to cover many grounds in the following years.

Mobile Payment
Smartphone technology is at its peak and with it comes a variety of other striking benefits. Some of the leading smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have worked to deliver mobile payment options which allow scan-to-pay service, now accepted at most QSRs. Also, payment for food orders can even be made prior to the delivery with just a simple click on the concerned mobile app. It is expected that next generation of mobile-based payment expertise would allow customers to directly scan their smartphones while they enter a QSR and pick food items using their smartphone without any need to stand in the queue.
The presence of kiosks has come as a blessing for most restaurant owners. This is an amazing technology which has actively taken its roots across the QSR space to influence its market quite positively. According to a survey, almost 47 percent diners agreed that they would prefer using a self-service tool like a kiosk for customizing their orders.

Further, not only ordering, but a kiosk permits the user to manage a number of tasks using the digital screen. Payments and loyalty program benefits can be easily accessed using the device. Hence, it can be analyzed that customer experience is lifted with the incorporation of kiosks at QSRs. Moreover, the human workforce gets to ease down and focus on various other value-added activities.

It is quite evident that technology has indeed played its part in supporting the QSR sector. The future is bound to bring changes, be it positive or negative, which would be decided on how the QSR owners utilize the technology delivered to them. If you are planning to setup a quick service restaurant of your own, then do pressurize on having all the latest supportive technologies working under your fingers!

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