Whether you plan to create a bestselling book or via the Internet or you plan to go the traditional route with a major publishers, it will ultimately be up to you how you create, handle and release your freshly written masterpiece. Many new authors are under the mistaken impression that they don't have to participate in the marketing and promotions of their book.

Sadly, this is why many books never reach their fullest potential in sales and visibility. Your success boils down to your ability to write, the knowledge of what you will be writing about, the uniqueness that sets you apart from the rest of the world and the marketing know-how to become a best selling author

How you write is essential to your success. However, keep in mind that you are not writing for everyone. You are writing for YOUR reader. That's who you must satisfy.

One way to hone your skill as an author is to attend writers conferences, read as much as you can and have the desire to be the best you can be.

There is another advantage to reading a ton of regular books - you become informed of the ins and outs of the particular niche you want to write in. Drama, science fiction, horror, mystery and other staple genres of fiction have certain rules you have to adhere to in order to appease the fans, which is why you must read up on as much of your chosen genre as possible.

You will not only learn about the genre, but you will become very familiar with writing styles of your favorite authors.

Just because you have to adhere to certain genre-specific rules does not mean you have to box yourself in. You still need to set yourself apart from the hundreds of thousands of authors out there, which is where your creativity comes in.

Something new will add a fresh experience for the readers, but something too radical will turn most of them off. It is then essential you temper your creativity with genre-specific ideas and plots in order to find the right balance of freshness and comfort.

As mentioned previously, even the most beautiful masterpiece will not help you become a bestselling author if you do not know how to market your work. Having a well thought through marketing plan and platform are essential not only to increase the sales, revenues and royalties but to increase market exposure as well. The more people are aware of your books and your name, the more likely you will find new readers to support your work. If you want to create a best seller, you will eventually have to venture out of the safety of your comfort zone and get serious in your marketing campaign.

No one is born with the knowledge they need to become a bestseller, but it can be learned. It just takes a little effort and a whole lot of guts and determination to see your passion through to the end!

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