Someone who hardly spends time with you just for the joy of being together but allows obstacle and circumstances to come in between is not a good friend

Foe drains you of your energy and enthusiasm for what you are supposed to do.

One whose advice has always landed you into trouble should be avoided

Foe do not share futures but choose to first console you when misfortune sets in

One who criticize but rarely acknowledges what you do well is an enemy

He who reminds you of your past failure and will never guarantee your success tomorrow should also be avoided

An enemy does not reciprocate kindness
Ones whose business is to block your creativity is to hinder you from achieving what you know best to do is nothing but a foe

One who never helps you to get to the next level lest you should become better than he, should be avoided

these characters can only be carefully observed because some people are wolf in ship’s cloth and so take time to find out who they rely are. Now do your friends have any of these characteristics as mentions above? Have you pondered at your position today and of yesterday when he wasn’t in your life?

In my universities day there was a boy called Elvis. Elvis was a “Brian” but dust rolled in, his academic life was consequently marred when he joined a group of boys. These boys took him to clubs, parties and functions where merriment is only the concern. Elvis foolishly followed them and at the end of it they lured him into cultism. He couldn’t understand the implication of this until he discovered he could no longer enjoy the freedom he had before. He wanted to renounce them but they threatened to kill him. However, all hope was not lost because he trusted himself and thought he will still excel as before. At the end of the section, Elvis failed woefully thereby mutating his formal records, oh, what a mishap

Have you ever perceive an odor on a bad fallow? What is he doing about it? Take leave now. The odor is poisonous. Sometimes this type of people would not only remove your mantle but also pull one into one’s early grave because of some nasty activities they usually indulge in.

Good friends are helpful. In one of our higher institution, a student who thought she was not too good academically decided to associate with people she describe as “mirror” these people are so called because she said she was herself through them. They were always there for her, reprimanded her whenever acted wrong and agitated her interest toward what she was doing. Gradually the mirror continued nurturing these fellows until she picked up. Today this student is sharing her testimonies. You too will learn to imbibe these principles

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