Your general well-being is essential for healthy living and improved quality of life. Healthy lives equal happy, peaceful lives, and indeed, your health is your wealth. Good health is truly a blessing that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Life is short, and you need to enjoy every moment of it with gratitude and fulfillment. But this can only be possible when you have good health, and your whole body is well functioning. Hence healthy lifestyles, nutritious diets, and regular health check-ups are essential in maintaining good health and preventing infections and severe health infections. Matt Pabis, MD, is a family medicine practice committed to improving people’s lives through effective and comprehensive care. Dr. Pabis is among the best East Village family medicine physician.

Dr. Matt Pabis is a board-certified family medicine doctor and Matt Pabis founder, MD dedicated to providing exceptional medical care to his patients to help them live healthily. The highly educated physician saw the need to provide care where there is enough time to get to know his patients and understand their health concerns for better health and lives. The highly skilled specialist first started primary care in pain management, orthopedic, and cosmetic practice, but it was still not fulfilling for him. Later he found a chance to create a primary care practice to help patients be healthy as they can be.

The health practice is patient-centered, where its main focus is to meet every patient's need through customized treatment plans. Dr. Pabis is caring and compassionate, treating patients as part of his family. He is friendly and welcoming, providing a comfortable environment for his patients, and creating long-lasting relationships. He combines various medications, including opioid addiction therapy, medical cannabinoids, and Vivitrol injections, to offer effective treatments. He also does house calls at times for their patients' convenience.

Matt Pabis, MD, offers services such as:

Birth control

Birth control is essential to help plan for your family. The experienced Dr. Matt Pabis has experience in offering birth control methods that rightfully fits you, including all their details to help choose the best for you. Visit their office to learn more about this service, among other benefits.

Primary care

Dr. Matt Pablis provides comprehensive care for all your acute and chronic medical conditions to help people live healthy lives. Call or book an appointment to receive consideration for all your health needs.

Medical marijuana cards

Dr. Pablis offers extensive evaluation first to check if the medication is ideal for you. Medical marijuana is used to provide treatments for various health conditions, including cancer, epilepsy, and glaucoma. Visit them to see if you are fit for medical marijuana.

Matt Pabis, MD, is a health practice committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to help patients live healthy lives. He is highly educated, and he is qualified in delivering top standard healthcare services to meet patients’ needs. Dr. Pablis started his practice out of his desire to offer more adequate services with enough time to get to know the patient and understand their health concerns. He is caring and friendly and treats patients as part of the family. Visit the practice today in East Village, New York, for the primary care you deserve.

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