Dogs have become almost an integral part of life in average American household. According to the Pet Products Association of America, as many as 77.5 million dogs were found in U.S households alone. Have a look at the financial figure and it will seem even more staggering with around $45.6 billion spent for the dogs around the country.
Pet Dogs are Expensive
Having pet dogs is an expensive hobby. Various aspects come into play in making the habit expensive.

It is not only feeding the dog but also keeping the dog healthy that is the concern of the dog owner.
Keeping the dog healthy will involve expenses for the owner and at times of illness such expenses could be substantial.
Owner also requires various accessories, especially in cooler climates including dog beds, carriers, leashes, pet collars, medications, soaps, powders, and supplements and vitamins.
Quality Accessories are Necessary
While dog breeding could be expensive, it is extremely essential for the dog owners to have quality accessories for the purpose of dog breeding. People in America spend millions of dollars every year in accessories and decorations of dogs. However, dogs need good diets, comfortable and warm bed, exercises, toys, and above all; attention, kindness and affection from the master.

Considerations in Buying Dog Accessories
Some of the major considerations in buying quality dog accessories are –

Convenience of the owner is one of the major considerations. Many items like dog crates, pet strollers and such others are usually meant to make the life of the owner convenient as they can carry their dogs when they are out of the house.
Transportation items like waterproof seat covers for pets, quilted seat covers, golf car seats, wicker and baskets used by the pets are also important.
Amusement for the owner is another aspect that needs to be taken into consideration. While the comfort and health benefits of the dog is the premier consideration, having dog clothing and other accessories that will be delightful for the owner could also be good.
Quality crates and carriers will be great for movement, good dog beds would help out the comfort and health levels of the pet, and other items like sunglasses, leases, pet collars, and hair accessories can add glamour to comfort.

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