Yesterday you were a father, mother, son, daughter, or a blood relative. Suddenly, and without warning, circumstances have placed you in the role of caregiver for a loved one. Some caregiver training will be made available to you and other family members.

Nonetheless, this transition process can be daunting and seemingly overwhelming, but it’s not mission impossible. Caregiver wellness is paramount in providing quality of life for your loved one. When unexpected circumstances put a family member into the role of caregiver, quality of life takes on new meaning.

When the quality of life for a caregiver suffers, the effectiveness of the caregiver is reduced. In my three decade professional nursing career, I saw burnout destroy careers of many a good nurse. Burnout zaps the effectiveness of a caregiver.

When care giving for anyone, especially a loved one, you never want to lose your effectiveness. Quality of life for the caregiver is directly proportional to their effectiveness as a caregiver and the quality of life for their loved one.
There is a better than average chance, research indicates about a 75% , you will be faced with burnout. If you have the responsibility of caring for a loved one, compromising the quality of your life can put you on the road leading to burnout.

You can avoid burnout by practicing a regular program of caregiver wellness with the use of hypnosis.

Pay it forward
The human and caregiver experience is anything but mundane. As a caregiver you will have good days, and disappointing days. There will be days your abilities and mental toughness are tested. Other days will be gratifying, with untold opportunity to learn valuable lessons.
When the latter occurs, pay it forward, or pass it on. In the long run, it is insight and knowledge which improves the quality of life for a loved one under your care. I considered it icing on the cake when I learned to manage my quality of life, and I am paying forward this lesson.
In 2010 I was fortunate and honored to meet a hypnotherapist, author, and teacher named Beverly Taylor. She is the CEO and founder of the Easy Key to Life Institute, a provider of hypnotherapy services and hypnotist certification classes worldwide.
I completed Beverly’s hypnotist course, earning my certification later that year. Honestly, I have not looked back since. Hypnotism is no parlor trick. Its uses have been accepted and endorsed by the American Medical and Psychological Associations for over a half century.
What’s most exciting for me is the acceptance of hypnosis by the medical community for its many medical uses. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has clearly recognized and defined the use of this amazing complementary integrative health intervention called hypnosis.
Note the difference between complementary and complimentary. Complementary refers to the use of a recognized intervention along with conventional medicine. It complements a conventional practice.
Complimentary refers to someone saying nice things to another, or, complimenting, someone.

Become a RUDE Caregiver.
The acronym I came up with which supports increasing quality of life, comfort, and safety, is to be a RUDE caregiver, in that, you practice your profession with;
• Respect
• Understanding
• Dignity
• Empathy
These words foster a healthy care environment. They reflect the essence of a caregiver practice which fosters increased quality of life for clients, and reduces the chance of burnout for the caregiver.
Imagine the harmony that is created by implementing this acronym. There may be times when clients or patients are unable to verbally express their gratitude and appreciation for your service.
There is no need to feel unappreciated or bad about the thank you, which sometimes may not be communicated. Keep in mind the importance and impact you have on the life of those you care for. You become an integral element in providing quality of life and care, so always;
• Respect yourself
• Understand the situation
• Dignity is practiced
• Empathy is practiced
This is the essence of the caregiver profession.

Hypnosis Can Improve Your Career and Life
Hypnosis is a completely natural process which is just a state of deep relaxation which allows for greater concentration and focus on any issue. With hypnosis, you naturally relieve yourself of perceptions and beliefs which negatively affect how you perform your duties.

It takes practice, but hypnosis can improve self-esteem and remove unrealistic limiting beliefs affecting your work performance. Harness the power of your subconscious mind and reduce work related stress. Stress is the main ingredient of caregiver burnout.
I have a passion for teaching and for alleviating the suffering that occurs as a result of disease. In combining the two, the caregiver learns and benefits, as do loved ones under their care. I urge caregivers to educate yourselves about what you can do to avoid burnout.
If I can prevent burnout, through education, for just one caregiver, I view it as a contribution. Taking care of yourself makes you an effective caregiver for your loved one. Take care of yourself by limiting work hours and share the care giving responsibility with other family members.
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Author's Bio: 

Joe Alonzo is a Certified Hypnotist, retired nurse, Spiritual Counselor, and Life Coach. He offers channeled handwriting analysis to assist people in following their dreams and is committed to helping caregivers avoid the pitfalls of caregiver burnout. Joe is a native Californian and resides in the San Francisco North Bay community of Santa Rosa.