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The dream about a child is always strong, but it cannot always be easily realized. There are many situations when health condition of one of the parents does not allow a woman to become pregnant naturally. However, thanks to the development of science, this situation is only a temporary obstacle. The Reproductive Medicine Clinic Kinderly offers you many options that will allow you to have a long-awaited baby.

Variety of Services for Your Reproductive Health

Solutions to your personal reproductive functions will be proposed by devoted professionals on the basis of the most effective protocols of IVF. Medical programs cover the following:
• IVF with the donor sperm, the donor egg, or both. You will be able to choose the phenotype of your future child and the desired donor
• Creation of your own cryobank for your own eggs and sperm for future pregnancies.
• Transfer of frozen embryos.
• Stem cell therapy.

The Procedure of Applying for Medical Program

If you have not yet made the final decision to use the reproductive services of the clinic's specialists, please contact us for a free consultation on the website. After clarifying all the details, Kinderly managers will tell you the details of medical programs and specify the test you need to pass. After passing the test and confirming your arrival, the clinic's professionals will start working on your program, choosing the best solution.
Representatives of Kinderly will meet you at the airport at any time of the day or night and accompany you to your place of residence. After selecting the necessary donor material
your program and the long-awaited fertilization of the biomaterial will begin. When the embryo is prepared, the best doctors of the clinic will transplant the biomaterial, and the desired pregnancy will become a reality!
Almost 350 children born during the six years of the work of health reproductive clinics Kinderly certify the quality of our medical services. Your baby is our common dream!

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