Sometimes, the minutest of accessories can be indispensible to industrial use. A case in point would be rubber feet—these are self-adhesive bumpers made of rubber that are applied to appliances, gadgets and machines and can be put on rather easily. Rubber feet perform several different kinds of functions. First of all, they reduce the impact of vibrations and are also especially helpful in absorbing and insulating against the noise that is caused by appliances or machines. For instance, if you have a washing machine, you would in all probability have seen rubber bumpers fitted at its feet. This helps prevent vibration-related deterioration and rattling during the spin-and-drain cycles of the washing machine. Often, due to vibrations, gadgets and appliances tend to slide or move around and this can be a very dangerous phenomenon. Rubber feet prevent this from happening thanks to their adhesive qualities.

These little accessories find several uses—right from being used on computers to X-ray machines to other kinds of computer equipment. Since they are useful in myriad gadgets across industries, these accessories are available in many different shapes and sizes. They are also available in different kinds of materials depending on the kind of temperatures they are likely to be subjected to. Mostly, they are made from clear polyurethane which makes them undetectable when used on clear surfaces such as glass and transparent plastics. Apart from this, they are also available in different colors so that you can choose the right color depending on your machine and flooring. Right from glass coasters to picture frames to car accessories to large-scale grinders, rubber feet , are put to use across different kinds of items.

How to choose quality rubber feet?

*Make sure that the rubber is not low quality or low-priced. This can lead it to develop cracks and can be potentially harmful to your gadgets.

*Exposure to UV rays causes hardening and the rubber turns brittle and yellow in color. To avoid this, purchase only good quality rubber.

*Look out for a guarantee or warranty period. This is a certificate of authenticity in itself.

*Decide on whether you want to purchase the adhesive variety or non-adhesive variety. This will help you effectively address the problems of squeaking and clattering created by your appliances.

*A good rubber bumper is made from just one single piece of rubber and conforms to the environment-friendly standards by using quality raw materials.

These inconspicuous accessories are also very useful in large scale industries such as aircraft assembling and automobile protection. The presence of rubber feet prevents wear and tear in automobile parts. Final words of advice—make sure you check the internet for quality suppliers of rubber feet for indoor as well as outdoor use.

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