What is Quality Taxation Service?

Before exploring about taxation services, let's understand what is a tax accountant, roles and responsibilities.

There are two types of Tax Accountants, corporate and personal. The former work for companies, either as part of accounting firms or within the Accounting department of a company, where part of their mission focuses on avoiding excessive taxes. For their part, Personal Tax Accountants work hand in hand with private clients, advising them on everything related to tax matters.

Most Tax Accountants work for accounting firms, businesses, or government entities. Those who work for firms or agencies provide their services to third parties or individuals who require guidance in handling their taxes; however, there are professionals who choose to work independently or independently in order to develop their own portfolio of clients.

Here are the most common functions of a Tax Accountant:

Collect tax information from clients and companies:
Review financial books and balances.
Analyze financial records, systems and budgets.
Conduct audits and interview clients to gather additional information.
Analyze the information collected to determine possible tax exemptions or reductions:
Calculate the amount of taxes to cancel.
Design strategies to reduce the amount of taxes to be canceled.
Meet with clients and supervisors:
Explain tax legislation using non-technical language.
Promote ways to reduce the payment of taxes.
Develop strategies to reduce tax payments:
Detect potential deductions.
Be familiar with the tax law.
Deliver tax reports in a timely manner:
Complete and submit tax return forms within the established times.
Meet with the tax authorities on behalf of your clients or employees:
Negotiate the inconveniences related to the payment of taxes with the corresponding authorities.
Review the discrepancies in income, expenses and amounts that do not fit properly in the corresponding balance.
Detect possible solutions for discrepancies.
Meet with the company authorities to review the tax plan:
Explain strategies for reducing taxes.
Explain the current tax legislation.
Make suggestions about the impact of taxes on the company.

Daily tasks

Prepare reports on taxes.
Review the tax records of clients or the company where they work.
Detect possible deductions or exemptions.
Develop future tax strategies and present tax projections to clients.
Make tax returns.
Meet with clients and company authorities to explain everything relevant to current tax legislation.
Meet with the relevant tax authorities.

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